Thursday, March 1, 2018

When you feel like you are too far gone.. Grace....

 Ok. I normally do poetry but I decided I wanted to post this instead for personal reasons. 

Even As Christians, it is sometimes very hard. There are indeed days where we can feel

like we have done things that are never pardonable because of how wrong they may be.

But did Jesus come to atone just the "little things." or "white lies."? Heck no! 

God doesn't choose what he will forgive his people for and what he won't . 

Even when it feels like you are just too far gone, you ain't.

God doesn't dump you. Ask him for forgiveness for what you done and he will forgive.

With his help, Jesus will help you fight no matter how hard things may be. 


  1. Thanks for this, Evan. It reminded me of Jordan Feliz's song: "Never Too Far Gone." Have you heard that song?