Tuesday, February 20, 2018

when your burdens seem to hard to bear ( poetry.)

When your burdens seem to hard to bear,

Cast them down to our savior,

Who will help you get through,

If your trials seem to hard to stand,

Cast them to our Savior,

Who will help up stand,

When your heart feels like it is gonna burst,

Share your problems with The Lord.

Monday, February 19, 2018

a new perspective on helping....

So today my depression hit max when I broke out crying while talking to a Barista who knows a lot

about me. More than many many people do. I VERY Rarely , like I think this may have been my first

time, broke out crying in public place while talking to someone in public. The crazy thing was her

response was one I never had received before and was like different in a interesting sense .

Often when people have tried to calm me down, they have done so by talking to me.

This time was different. I don't know if it is the response of a woman or not,

but she just sat down by me and comforted me by sitting by my side and saying

nothing because there really was not much to say. It almost felt like she was

looking after me, which was a ok feeling. The thing that was different than

anything before was nobody had ever rubbed my back in a way that seemed

to be being used to make me feel better in a comforting sense.  It was a experience

that was totally different in a good way than anything else. It really showed how

caring a gal can be. In the long run,  I did recover.  For y'all who follow me, what would you do if

you were in the same situation, except with someone else who cares about you? Thoughts?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

failure ( poetry)


He calls our name,

making is feel insane,

He talks to us,

Distorts truth,

And makes me feel like,

you don'y know you.


makes you want to tie a rope to you head,

and knock down the chair,

but with God's help,

you have to get up.


Will you let it rule your life,

Or will you turn to The Light,

And trust him more?