Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

She for the most part only used this power on 10-19 year old boys who were unwanted. So once she left Wet Island, she met a 17 year old boy who was completely poor and for the most part had no family around mot of the time. After 6 months of being in America, she had joined the local Pine Grove High School ,a high school that was known for most of the students being white trash and how the school campus had been ran to the ground. She managed to add her name onto the enrollment list while nobody was looking. All this time she had taken residence at the Travel Motel, where she paid $15 per night. Her little hotel room she lived in was very small, but had the necessities of home. In the far corner of the room, there was a small bathroom with no tub. the other corner had a kitchenette with a stove, mini fridge, sink, microwave, and coffee maker. All from the 1980s. All the kitchen appliances were GE. In the middle of the room, was a queen sized bed. On the wall in front of the bed was a old dresser with a 1984 Zenith color TV. and finally, by the door, there was a tiny office desk. For $53 on Craigslist, Katie bought a 1997 iMac desktop computer. she set the computer up on the hotel desk. She was not into social media, so he never had any accounts on any social media site except her blog, where she posted her plans. Her blog was restricted to anyone who was not invited to join. 2 people had permission to join. only one of them was from this world. Back in wet island, Tanya had not forgotten her former life, but in a way did not want to go back.  She knew Katie well, for even though it was not mentioned beforehand, She was the only other person that knew about the fairy's existence. She missed home but still wanted adventure. The next night she told Elisa about the fairy girl and her story and asked " Can I go back to my world and help her? And before that, can I accept this log invite she sent to her restricted log. ? " I think  it is time for you to go back home and help Katie on her mission. Use what we have taught you ok? responded Elisa. " I will! " said Tanya. Then Elisa added in. " you will have to go back to when you were 17. Since you have been forced to regress by the hands of wicked, I think you can go back 3 years of your life to help save the world from disaster, can't you? " I can Elisa." Ok Tanya, I have a plane ready to go that will land you where you need to go. Almost forgot. Katie's main way of fighting is the way of the Spartans, so the Spartan Blade might come in handy. Here's a gun as a side weapon. Ok?" Ok Elisa!" Should I pack a small amount of clothes to bring with me, or will I have clothes waiting? " Yes Tanya. And packing your phone you brought with you will also help. " Ok Elisa!" so after a bit of packing and a buncha goodbyes, Tanya was off to her world where she was to help her Fairy friend with defeating the Spartans. There was only one way out however, and it was a dark, damp tunel built by anchients under the sandy, ocean floor. The tunnel was fiilled with blood drinking  bats, wildlings, and sea demons. Sea Demons were totally different than normal demons, mainly because of their bodies and powers are sooooo far from a land demon. They tended to take the guise as a mermaid, or some other sea creature, crazy and wild. Their curses were nearly worthless due to their envornment, which was under the sea, but they did have more physical power to fight and kill with, and the Sea Demons had killed thousands  and left the bodies as throphies for their evil deeds. With this and other things in mind, Jessica barged in. She was armed with a Sword called Thrasher,  that had magical powers. She had won the sword in battle and had used it for training every day since then. Jessica had been waiting for something to occur, so she had been training with Tanya for a few months now. Then she began to speak. “ Tanya, I have been granted the ability for me and my sword to come with you.. I seek adventure and battles, and I want to help you and Katie. Sitting down and doing nothing is not a life suited for a girl like me. I know that both of us will become high schoolers again, but I don’t care. I want to go. I have gotten permission to go also.” Ok Jess! You can come. Just make sure you are ready. We never know what we might encounter in the tunnel. Let me polish my own sword, Stripper , and we can be on our way.  With weapons polished, the girls went on their way down the dark, dreary , tunnel filled with demons and monsters and evil spirits. The key was to avoid the monsters, not listen to the evil spirits, and fight the demons. The echo of mice scurrying filled the cursed place, knowing something was to come that should be feared . Without thinking, the mice gave a warning to Tanya and Jess. The oldest mouse said: “ beware, up ahead Lucifer himself has taken the form of a Angel of light. Don’t be fooled by his flattery. If you are fooled, you are his victims. He will grab you by the throat, drag you to hell, then make you disgrace your bodies or turn you into one of us. We were once girls just like you, but we fell for his tricks and lies. The result is we are now hell rats. We warn you because we don’t want you to meet the fate everyone else in this hall of death is. He will drink your blood from you like wine. Be safe.”

As the mice scurried away, Tanya told jess “ I believe these mice. Lets not fall for Satan’s tricks. If you feel his power remember pray to jesus for deliverance from evil. “ Agrred” said Jess. A few minutes later they noticed a shadow was chasing them. “Run! “ cried Jess. And so they did. With every step they made evil spirits were whispering evil chants that were almost unbearable. “ The worst is yet to come Tanya.” Yes it is, responded Tanya. Right then they approached that fiend who hates all good, Satan. He was in the form of a red haired boy. Tanya was able to fight the evil easily , as satan tortured them . However, Jess was very tempted . The devil told her : “ you are so beautiful! Will you stay for awhile. Your friends are no good. I will make you my queen of darkness. “ The fight was very hard and Jessica forgot all warnings till it almost too  late. “ stop Jess! Don’t do it!” Cried Tanya.  Before anything else could happen, out from the shadows came Beowulf. Seeing the issue at hand he said: “ I am Beowulf, King of the land of the geats and slayer of dragons. I was summoned by God to come from my grave to fight with you girls and Katie, and help defend you. “ With that, Beowulf took a swing at Satan and the wicked one turned into a dragon. Jessica was trapped in satan’s claws and was crying for help. Beowulf tore the arm off of satan and blood oozed everywhere. Now that jess was free she slashed Stripper viciously at satan’s leg. All the while Tanya was getting ready to explode Hades Hall. Beowulf and Jessica had finally killed Satan’s human form. Tanya had hacked the controls for air strike missles in Poland by the use of her phone and aimed three missles at  hades hall. “ jump in my motorcycle girls! “ yelled Beowulf. “ Ok Beowulf. Lets get thins going!” and off they went on Beowulf’s motorcycle till they got to the end of Hades Hall. The exit led straight to the outskirts of LA. This was Jessica’s first experience outside of Wet island and she found it very exciting. “ Where to? “ the girls asked Beowulf. “ It is Saturday and the plan is to meet Katie at her motel room. She has turned her hotel room into permanent housing and has ordered both of you girls a twin sized bed. For now you must sleep on the couch though. “ Oh my gosh! It’s midnight!” cried Tanya. Just then Jessica’s phone got a text message saying “ you all meet me at Tommy’s PoBoy’s, a restraunt nearby that is owned by my friend Lauren. There will be no need for secrecy, for Lauren is on our side. We will talk over some subs and a few drinks. – Katie.” 15 minutes latter, the girls and Beowulf entered the diner and found Katie at the corner booth. Everyone sat down there and they  all ordered their food. Tanya ordered a Shrimp Po Boy and a side of potato salad and Beowulf ordered the Baby Back Ribs. Jess had never eaten diner food and  she could not decide. “ I have no clue what to order Tanya, she said and before Tanya responded Jess ordered a Jack Daniels milkshake. Along with that, each of them paid for a bottle of Miller Lite and replentished their bodies from their long journey. Before they left though, Lauren gave both Jess and Tanya both a Colt 1911. “ Theres danger everywhere. A small group fo students, according to one  of our spies, have been carrying concealed weapons around school in case of a encounter with some of us. They carry both a pistol and the Sword of the Spartan.  some of them have cars that they use with their Spartan friends for shooting out of. The first battles will start between you high schoolers. It will be fights that will only get you suspended. But you want to be suspended. If you get suspended it gives you more time to plan. Try to get suspended as much as possible. Well, I have told you all I know. I have to serve the enemy food every time they buy food or drinks from my grill, so I learn much from their conversations. As stated, I also have a spy who goes to the same school Katie does. Oh yes, so those nutjobs don’t know who you are, put on these disguises and there is a get away Dodge Grand Caravan waiting out back for you. Be careful!” and off went Lauren.  With full stoumachs, they left the grill. “ I’m as full as a hog!” said Jessica. “ that may be so, but we have no time to waste. Katie needs our help and we are warriors! Now lets get this thing started! Off they went in the brand new van they had been given. Looking for insturctions, Beowulf had the girls look for some type of map or such insisting “ there must be one. If there is not, how the heck will we not get lost? “ so after five minutes of searching, Jess said “ I found a map under my seat. It leads to the described destination. If we follow these directions, we will get there in time. After 15 minutes of driving, they finally arrived at Katie’s home. In general, Katie’s home was a 15 room motel. She lived in room 105. The owner of the hotel was a 25 year old man who went under the name “guy’. Because of various reasons, Katie paid only half the needed rent. Anyways, as they reached the door, and opened the door. Katie was there. And she started to talk imedately. “ The room had been wrecked and it was clear something was wrong. “ A bunch of enemy recruits broke into my room, went through my stuff, and left this mess everywhere!! Beowulf, for now please go down to your estate for awhile. The Geatish army you brought with you needs your training and guidance. I want to personally talk to the 2 girls who will lead thousands. “ With that, off went Beowulf. “ ok, before anything can be accomplished, 2 things must be done. You girls and me must have  enough recruits, and both of you need to learn how to fly and fight Spartan style. You have helped with the destruction of that evil empire on Wet Island and now you must finalize what you know about Warcraft. This time we are dealing with Spartan Steel , the masters of Greek warfare before the Romans qunkored Sparta and the rest of Greece. They also have a different type of magic on their side. The magic The Enemy has results in extra strength. Are you willing to learn so you can lead students to battle?” Jess and Tanya responded with “yes!” and then Katie said: “ Tonight your training will begain. Recruiting shall not be that hard. You have done it hundereds of times.
           It was Friday night , and linebacker 56 for Pines Grove high was worried. For once, it was not about the game, but about the 2 offers he had . Both Katie and Jacob were having their ideas promoted and recruits coming. Linebacker 56, Jason P., had been divided by both groups. His girlfriend, jenny, had chosen to be a Spartan . Many of his football mates had done the same. He knew also that the Spartans were vile and dangerous. There seemed to be so much potrntal in being a Spartan… Yet something seemed wrong. He thought of how the majority of the non spartans were not like him. Finally, he thought of Katie. Katie was beautiful . So was her 2 close friends, Tanya and Jess. Katie was a better person than Jacob. All of these recruitments and such were unknown to parrents, so Jasons’ dad did not understand. Only a hour ago Jason’s dad asked him “ are you ok son? You look pale. “  I’m ok dad.” With much to think about, he decided to go play his role in football. With that in mind, he saved the choice till latter. He had no clue what would happen that night on the way home.  All through the game he was not able to concentrate, all he could think about was which side to join. Then and there Jason decided not to join the dark side. All his friends who joined it were promised great rewards, but at the expense of them becoming completely evil and violent. Humble became prideful, peaceful became violent. Just then, the game ended and the coach yelled at Jason “ What is the matter with you? Do You want to be kicked?” Before he could answer, Jason’s iPhone 4s gave a new message alert from his girlfriend, Emily. “  Come ASAP Jason. A gang of kids with guns is on the way. I am hiding in the back part of  your Dodge’s cab with a friend waiting for you to come. Some of the followers of that Spartan are trying to harm you. Are you armed?” Jason sent a reply saying “no.” Then go to my locker in the girls locker room. The lock password is 34561. Open it. I have hidden a .45 just in case something like this breaks out. This could get very ugly. “ With that,  Jason broke into the girl’s locker room and hacked open  Emily’s locker, checked to see if it was loaded, and hid it under his coat. Shots ran out through the hallways. Jason dodged and ran as fast as he could to his truck. He was just yards away when a football player and a cheerleader blocked him. “ What do you want from me? What have I done to you? “ said Jason. “ you have not joined the dark side  so you will die!” said the cheerleader. They had Jason at gunpoint, but before they could say “ drop your weapons!”, Tanya arrived with 7 of Sir Aurthor’s knights from Camelot. Clad in shiny,  iron, armor , they bore broadswords and AK47’s. The two thugs got scared .  Now they were the ones cornered. One of the knights then spoke “ We have come here to help deal with you. Now we must stab you with our swords. “Nooo!” Screamed the cheerleader. She tried to shoot but her bullet bounced of the knight’s armor. The evil boy was stabbed by a sword, while the girl shot herself and took her own life. Blood was everywhere. It was then tanya’s turn to speak. “ We have came to help. Robin Hood and his merry men are waiting with Emily in your truck and are at your orders. Also 2 of your friends are in there. The knights and me have to get the rest of the good people who are on our side out of this place as soon as possible. “ Protect yourself and wear this armor. “ She handed Jason some armor and he put it on. “Run quickly “ Tanya cried. And witht hat, Jason was off and soon had joined Emily. Just as stated, Robin Hood and his merry men were ready to help. Members of the dark side were chasing Jason, and he made it just in time. “ You ready for this? “ yelled Emily.” The enemy is assembling outside with the power of Sparta on their side. Fighting starts now. “   Me and my merry men are ready to shoot our arrows at the enemy. “ Once Jason was there, he yelled FIRE! . Gunshots flew everywhere. Jason’s truck was filled with guns and ammo, so they were well armed, yet still outnumbered. Tactics were different also. From outside the woods nearby Robin hood , Little John, friar tuck, and the rest of Robin’s men made a surprise attack. From out of the woods, they ambushed Jacob’s followers, shooting fire arrows at as many as they could find, thus taking the enemy’s attention away from Jason and Emily. More of the dark side came. The fighting got more intense. Back in the school, King Arthur and his men were helping arm the good students then sending them away to help in the battle. Jessica had been at a dance concert that was going on in the school auditorium  and when she first heard the shots, she ran into the school building , passed through hall after hall till she reached the shooting range where marksmanship was taught. With 5 good dancers behind her ( she was on the dance team), they raided the room and each of them grabbed one of the practice rifles. They hid the rest. Wearing nothing but dance clothing, they were quite a sight. The one thing that was bothersome was the fact that 2 of the girls lived in a anti gun envornment and had no clue what they were doing. Jessica was forced to give those girls a 2 minute training course on how a gun works and what how to use it. Not all of the dance girls were fighting for whats right. Only Jessica and the 5 girls with her were fighting for Katie. As soon as they got out of the shooting range however, the other 7 dance girls cornered them. For the first time, she used her magic power.  “ where do you think you are going?? “ yelled one of the dancers. 2 more pulled out revolvers and fired. “ What do we do ?” Cried Sydney, one of the older girls. Before Jessica could respond more gunfire echoed through the halls. Shockingly, the first good girl to return fire was Janet, one  of the girls who knew nothing about guns. She hit one of the evil girls in the head and watched her fall to the floor. At the same time another girl shot her on the leg, leaving Janet bleeding on the ground. Five minutes latter the battle ended. “ Janet? Are you ok” asked Jessica. “ If you give me medical help I will live. Please stop the loss of blood. I am feeling fiant.” With that, Jessica said “ you’ll be ok. I promise.” They made it to the medical room safely. “ Go to the medical  van. It is safe and bulletproof, also you know how it works. We had it created for things like this. Once I arrive I will give you further orders. I am gonna have to stay here and work on Janet’s wound.” Jessica ordered to the rest of 4 remaining dancers. “ Oh yes, Ellen, since you are the girl with the most experience, you lead the party. I will come as soon as I can.” Were Jessica’s final instructions. And off they went. Jessica locked the door and started to remove the bullet from the unconscious girl’s arm. It had not gone far in, so it was fairly easy to remove. 20 minutes later, the operation was over, and she bandaged the wound up. With that, both girls went to a cargo van that  they had spent a week on converting into a medical vehicle .  To make sure nobody shot through the windows, she boarded them up inside and out. Not satisfied, she had ordered some bulletproof glass the day before and had the windshield made bulletproof. Each row of seats would be used as beds for the wounded. Jessica  knew something like this was bound to happen, so she had made the ultimate makeshift hospital on wheels. Nobody would guess it existed. There were small cupbords that held medical supplies. Her strength was in healing , so she used that for the best. The good girls on the dance team were her nurses who helped her out. Back at the battle scene, things were getting bloody. Emily and Jason had gotten extra help from friends but they were still outnumbered. The guy who was in charge of this certain battle, however, was starting to wonder why the heck no more help was coming. Inside the school, Robert E Lee had arranged a army of confederates to shoot down anyone who was trying to reinforce the enemy, for by this time the battle had poured into the school. The dark side was not unaided completely though. They had been aided by Nazis. After 2 hours the assault on Jason and Emily was over, and the in school fighting was drawing to a end. There were casualties on both sides. The dark side had more though, because they lacked medical supplies. There was blood everywhere. Throughout the whole thing, 21 good kids joined the battle. They were properly armed and ready to fight. Their battle strategy? A geek named Kevin had came up with it. Twelve of them would climb to the school’s roof and shoot from the top of the school, the rest would hide and when they heard a bird noise , they’d surprise Jacob’s evil minions. It worked. With Robin hood’s fire arrows from one side, bullets from machine guns  set up on top of the school building, and a surprise attack of less than 20 good kids from the other, Jacob’s soilders were doomed. The ones that did not die retreated. Even though the dark side lost, their snipers managed to shoot down 3 of Katie’s machine gunners and 4 of Robin Hood’s men. The dark side lost half of the 40 teens they had on hand, while Katie’s warriors had only 7 casualties out of 35 men. Inside the school however, was a different story. Blood was everywhere, the whole school smelt like it. Dead bodies laid slain with their weapons beside them. A estimated 150 died. That was not including the soilders led by famous generals of the past. It was war, and war is a cruel thing. And the victims were not just high schoolers. Some middle school kids had enlisted. Most of them faught for Katie because the considered her kind and caring. The hospital van was overflowing with patients . Jacob did not care at all about his soilders lives. Walking through the bodies, there was a chilling feeling in the air. Jacob’s loyal followers  for the most part did not care about death, for they thought they were doing the right thing and that medical help would reach their friends. There was one exception though. Sydney’s little sister had joined the dark side that day. Once this battle was over however, she was the only one to see the truth. “ Don’t hurt me! “ she cried as Tanya had her dragged away to be punished. A light had shown In Melody’s eyes. ( Melody was Sidney’s little sister.) A light of realization that Jacob had lied to her and he was completely evil. “ I’m sorry Tanya! I did not realize till now that all Jacob said was a lie. Save me please. Believe me. I have made so many mistakes. It took this mess for me to realize the truth. I hand you my dagger and pistol, and surrender to your mercy. Do what you want with me. If you don’t trust me, I understand. You have every right not to trust me. I have some information about Jacob’s whereabouts though. Please take me to your leader and leave me at her mercy. “ Melody said. “ Ok, we will take you to Katie and she will make the final decision. “ was Tanya’s reply. With that, the enemy retreated, and the good kids who followed Katie were send to this giant villa on the edge of LA that Katie had bought as a stronghold for her  army. It was high security and there was knights and trained soilders all over the place. Even though it was a military stronghold,  outside it looked normal and the inside was lavishly decorated. Jacob had teamed up with a demonic woman who also wanted to control the world, they were supposedly, if undefeated, to destroy the world and rule together a one world government. This woman was known to use demonic forces to make people possessed. Many of Kaite’s followers ran away to live in one of her strongholds because of this. Emily herself , she shared a room with 15 other teens in this certan stronghold .  Nobody had a clue where all of katie’s money came from. Before he got home, Jason heard the news. The neighborhood his family had lived in had been burnt down, and his folks were dead. They owned a farm in Northern California and a home in LA.  He had 2 optins., Emily invited him to live with her in one of Katie’s multiple strongholds . The stronghold was newly baught and had issues providing food and water. His other option was to move back to the farm. The farm sounded so nice, but Jason knew he still would not be all that safe. Then a idea came to his head. The food and water at the farm he had just inhearted was plentiful, and there was a supplies shortage at Katie’s LA base. If he could make a system to transfer food and water from the farm to the stronghold, it would be the solution to many problems. With that, Jason drove his car to Katie’s place and rang the bell. He was  greeted by armed dwarfs. “ What  do you want? “ they asked. “ I need to talk to Katie, our leader. I had an idea to deal with supplies shortages.” Jason said. “ ok, come on in, she will be with you in a second.” Said the dwarfs. The place Katie had her HQ at was a motel she baught for $50,000. Five minutes Later Katie came out to talk to her guest. “ Would you like to talk in my office, or the room I live in?” She asked. “  The  place you live.” Jason replied. “ Ok Jason. Lets go to my room and talk. You have something to say, right? “ Jason replied with a yes. “ you see, My parents were killed tonight and my home burnt down. I have inherited a second home in the middle of nowhere. It is a farm, wish fresh want and food. I was thinking if you’d let me and if she’d like to, Me and Emily could move to that farm and form a way to transfer supplies to your forts and strong holds. What do you  say” asked Jason. “ I think it is a great idea but we need to plan first. Stay here tonight and we can talk more tomorrow.  It’s nearly midnight. Where do you want to sleep? My room is  the safest because I have had “Upgrades.” I have a sleeper sofa you can use. You’d be surprised on how good of a renovator I am. My room is the safest cause of some of the things I have done to it. Do you drink ? If so there is a mini bar in my room that has different types of alcohol. “ No thanks, but I will take the offer to share a room. “ Said Jason. They went into Katie’s room, and Jason was amazed. It was a 2 room suite. Originally, both rooms had beds, but since Katie only needed one bed, she had the other bed removed and converted the bedroom into a office . Not content with that, she had also smashed down the walls of the room next door and opened up more space. The outcoming result? A high security lodging place. Her bedroom was very nice. Handcrafted furniture. She had 2 computers. One was a MacBook Pro, which she used for normal pourpases. The other was a Apple desktop computer that she used for hacking and securing documents. The bar was littered with empty beer bottles, dirty shotglasses, and food that had not been cleaned up. As fancy as she was, Katie was not good at keeping things clean, and preferred unclean, messy, rooms over tidy ones. The only things she hid and filed away were things the enemy used. It was bedtime. The next morning, Jason messaged Emily saying “ come to the place Katie lives. There’s a plan shaping up over the issue of food and provisions. There’s a giant breakfast buffet and we are guests.” Ten minutes later, Emily woke up, read the message, and went straight to Katie’s place. She left in such a rush that she forgot to change out of her night gown! Jessica had been told the night before she must come too, so both girls got into Jessica’s corvette. 15 minutes latter they were eating Hash Browns, Country fried steak, Eggs, Biscuts and gravy, and a omlette. It was decided after much talking, that both Emily and Jason would go to the farm in rural Northern California. “ is everything we need packed in the 1995 Ford Ranger? I especially want to know if my Colt 1911 is packed. “ said Emily. “ It is packed Emily, Jessica tried to convince me to have that thing replaced, considering it’s age. The thing was produced in 2008 and it is now 2024. Luckilly they still make ammunition for the danged thing. In case you decide you need another arm that is better, here is a .45 Sig that was produced this year. I have a 9mm and a .48 pistol with me. In the gun rack I have my old Remington 12 gauge shotgun that was baught for me by my father when I was 6. That thing is anchent but it still works perfectly. Along with that there’s a .22 caliber Remington rifle and a AK-47. Off to the farm they went. Niether of them knew a enemy  was  stalking them, planning a ambush. A traitor had joined the dark side as a gang leader. The girl’s name was Kelsey, a 17 year old transgender who hated everything good and had been the leader of a gang before this war for dominance started. She knew the trade well. Kelsey had also been a assassin for hire, and sold drugs. She had waged wars against rival gangs… and won the wars, her gang killed their victims mercilessly. She was good at in general about every type of criminal activity possible, and she had planned it all well. One of Emily’s friends had joined The Copperheads, Kelsey’s gang. With this friend as a spy, Kelsey had figured out Jason and Emily’s location and were racing to the truck stop motel that the ambush would occour at. The spy’s name was Caleb. Caleb willingly submitted to Kelsey and The Copperheads 6 months ago when his gang, Guns and Roses ( Named after the band.) Had lost a major gang war with The Copperheads. He was the only one spared because Kelsey thought he would be a “ Good tool.” The rest of The Guns And Roses, except 7 runaways, which included Jason before he sided with the good side and left gang life, ether died in battle or were shot dead execution style. That was why  both Kelsey and Caleb wanted Jason dead. Katie was aware of all this and That’s the reason she had Emily and Jason be accompanied by John Wayne and a dancer friend of Emily’s.  “ let’s get something to eat at this truck stop”  said Emily’s friend. It was then they discovered the hiding spy in their car. “ Who are you??!! Emily demanded as she stared at the enemy spy. “ Give us your phone and let us search you, tell us all you know. We may spare your life, but if you don’t, you die now. “ Jason demanded. “ I know nothing. “ Was the response they got.” Just then caleb pulled out a Sig Sauer Mosquito and shot himself right in the head, instantly dying. Blood ran everywhere. Any information they could have gained was gone. The files on the phone had been erased, and the only way to recover them was too complicated to be done at the time. “ I’m hungry!” Jason said. Lets go to that truck stop diner over there. We can gas up and eat some food at the same time. Not to mention that truck stop has a motel. “ They all entered the truck stop and went to the diner and took their seats at a corner booth. “ Hey Jase, I am going to the bathroom. Don’t worry about me. If someone tries to shoot me I still have my Colt with me and it is loaded. “ Said Emily. Little did she know that she would meet local gang members connected to the dark side, led by a girl gang leader who had the gang name The Bloodhound. This girl led an all-female gang of killer chicks. As she pissed In the toilet, one of The Bloodhound’s thugs came up behind her. The gang girl was wearing dark black clothes and had long black hair, her skin was covered with tattoos , and a scar was on her cheek. “ Come with me and drop your gun, or you will die at the spot. “ Thinking that nobody else was around, she fired a shot at the thug , and watched her fall to the ground. Three more girls came in. With no place to go, Emily was abducted. “ You have no way of escape. We have you know and you are our prisoner. Nobody will know what happened to you. We will not tolerate those who  have not joined the dark side. I can read your mind Emily! You will be locked away in our dungon.” With that said, one of the three thugs disarmed, blindfolded, and dragged Emily into what seemed to be a tractor trailer, where she was locked up. Back in the truck stop, bullets were flying everywhere. “ You are never gonna kill me , you piece of white trash!” Jason said as he and his crew faught off 7 different gang members. One of the gang girls came out and said “ We abducted Emily, Boss.” She said this to a fat gunman with a Soviet accent, who apparently was the gang leader. Before Boss could respond, Lydia, Emily’s friend, shot a bullet into his eye socket and then into his neck. The gang members retreated, and each feel dead one by one. “ I’m here to help y’all!! I was just assigned to help you out. More backup will  be coming. Here’s the plan: you will go with Eliza to fight these high profile mega gangs. Each gang conquered is the death of more members in the Dark Side. Katie is going out to fight for some of us who live in the other side of the U.S.  and is bringing a army of trained warrriors and soiders from every civilization.  They are going to try to get intel from Emily. Intel she does not even have! Are you ready for this? And good job fighting off those gangsters and killing their so called leader. IF you had not, our enemy would have gotten them to fight for her instead. I don’t know everything yet, but we are gonna fight as a team! Ok? I am not exactly  sure where, but it looks like Kelsey’s goons have possibly hidden Emily somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. Are you ready to  travel to Sin City? “  said Tanya. “ Thank God you are here! And yes we are ready.” Jason said. “ Ok, I have a ex USAF plane waiting, hidden in a cave. We may meet resistance in the air also though. Word  says that there is a well developed high tech air force created by The Dark Side. Their planes will have more firepower  than our salvaged fleet. So, expect a little craziness.”  Eliza, as they drove down the highway torwards a hidden and long abandoned  air force base.  “ Does this plane even fly?” Asked Lydia. She was answered with a “ We will soon see.