Thursday, September 25, 2014

poetry writen for writing club

Sometimes it seems,

It is just but a dream,

When I was accepted,

And my heart was with me,

It seems like yesterday,

When I was true and happy,

And I bathed in the water of purity,

When my heart was still in me,

I walk through this valley,

Alone with only me,

So I  focus on the future,

And get ready each night,

For a trip to the place,

Where I will find life,

And where my heart is in me,

So tonight I walk,

This road of broken dreams,

Hoping it will get me to,

The heart in me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


    So far school has gone good. I have had troubles though. 4th period's teacher is awesome! I like 4th period best because that class is World History and I like History. The first teacher I have teachers a class on how to use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. I HATE WORD!!!!! The class sand the software. Word is hard to understand and is a trainwreck. Don't tell the person who teaches Word, but she has the face of a skunk.
    I met this cute girl but she hates me. So i'm still looking for a girl but hopefully I will find one, cause hate being single. I have noticed that most of  the Freshmen are very crazy , the Sophomores are crazy but not as crazy as the Freshmen, and the Juniors and Seniors are the least crazy. It tends to be us boys who are the craziest. I am part of the school writing club, and asked if I could be the tech guy who mangages contacts does the blog etc. Well, it's about time to go cause the computer is dying. Bye Y'all

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gang leader boys and their captured girlfriend.

      Ok. So I made the mistake of talking to a girl who had a relationship it turned out with a gang leader of 15 thugs.That was bad news for me!! He and his bullies tried to beat me up and I barely escaped alive! Lesson learned: don't mess with gang leaders' girls.