Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beach vacation part one.

  We started our  trip at about 3:00 p.m. We had spend like 2 hours packing and were eager to get on the road. Little did we know how long the trip would take. Dad said we would get to the hotel in five hours , but five hours is not gurentteed on a traffic filled imterstate and getting lost on the highway. : )

  At 8:00 p.m. We were starving! We decided to stop at a place called Sonneys BBQ and it was HORRID!!!! It took like 2 more hours to get to to the Hilton we were to stay at, and we were all very tired. When we got to the Hilton and got checked in , Me , My sister , and my brother went to the 28th floor to see the view of the city. When we looked down the balcony we saw the hallways of the 27 floors under   the one we were on. After that we went back downstairs to our room and watched HGTV, my brother's favorite channel. At midnight we all were ready for bed but me. Since i was not sleepy i read for hours in a chair on the balcony and went to bed at like 2:00 a.m. The next day we were all so tired. The Hilton's breakfast buffet was sooooo good! they had really good hot omelets
    Two hours latter we were on the road again. : )

Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty .... opinions...

y'all have likely heard of Phil Robertson and how it  was evedently evil for him to give his opinion and speek his mind. He said a few comments about queers ( gays ) and devilsbians and said that homosexuality is a sin. I am upset and not glad that the GlAAD exists.Americans let the social;ists in the white house take over the world and  make america look like garbage. The gay rights activists are .5% of the population but we let their asses take over the world? this is a call to the americans to preach the truth and not put up with the gay garbage.As americans we should stand up for whats right and fight back the gays. AMerica , WAKE UP!
Thank God for men like Phill Robertson! They are not ahters. The Queers are the haters. As a Chrsitan// Conservitive teen i will speek my mind on what most teens would never think about! Americians need to speak their minds. We need someone who suports what is right in the WHite House. God Bless America. and let the ex gays /( i have never been homosexual. homosexuality is a sin )tell the truth that gay is a lifestyle not a genetic trait.  Jesus Reigns! Don't forget to comment on this post. EDIT: the woman from Hollywood Life said that Phill robertson called Gays murderers. That is a lie! Phill quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9

" Do Not Be Decived , neither the sexualy immoral nor idoltaters not adulterars nor the male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders ... verse 10 continues to say nor drunkerds nor slanderers will inherit the kingdom of God. " that verse is NOT calling homosexuals liars robbers and serial killers. Hollywoond life says : Phill Robertson has called homosexuals evil snanderiouis ling murderers. Holywood Life twisted Phills words to make him sound offensive. Thats just not right!

Friday, December 13, 2013

No bullying

No bullies aloud spammers are not welcome to comment on my blog

Girls Just wanna have fun ( parody )

Ira come's  home in the morning light mama says when you gonna live your life right oh mama we're not the fourntunate ones but sisters just wanna have fun when the working day is done sisters just wanna have fun ohhhhhh sister's just wanna have fun. Phone rings in the middle of the night her father yells what are gonna do with your life oh daddy your still number one but sister's just wanna have fun ohhhh sisters just wanna have fun. When the working day is done sisters just wanna have fun sisters sisters they wanna have fun fun sisters sisters they wanna have fun. They just wanna they just wanna they just wanna they just wanna. Some boys take abeautiful   sister and hide her away from the rest of the world Ira wants to walk in the sun cause sisters just wanna have fun ohhhh sisters just wanna have fun when the working day is done sisters just wanna have fun. They just wanna they just wanna they just wanna they just wanna they just wanna they just wanna girls just wanna have fun.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Newspaper editor.

Wow! Ya'll will never guess what happened! I might be a editor for a online news website i visit called Eagle's Rising. Also this week I am going to publish one of my books. Well, thats this week's news from the writer's office.

First book published???

Will be trying to publish my book .