Friday, January 31, 2014

Music video.

Good Mornin world.

  Good morning world. It is friday... YAY!!! My favorite wake up song is above.
Hope Y'all have a nice day!!! Smile!!

I'm so excited!!

Last sunday or something like tat i posted that I was going to be babysitting kiddos at church. Well, My friend/girlfriend ( if you'd like to call her that ) might be coming to help me. She is soooo sweet and smart. I realy like her. Well, I have always been the shy kid who is usaly tuned out and unnoticed. She is one of my few friends. I am so excited to see if  the girl will come help me. She is sooo sweet and naturaly beutiful. Not hot, but just beutieful in her own pretty little feminie way. I am shy so mostly i chat with her via text and emails. She is one of the more popular girls . Soo cute. I can't wait!!! We don't speak much. She is " just a friend " but she is a cute one i realy like her. Anyway, for St. valentines day what did i buy her??? Vaentines days is in a few weeks. I will not buy her chocolates or pick flowers or whatever most boys do for girls. I will write her this book. Fancy pages, a good plot, and memories that will last a lot longer than Russel Stovers.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunshine... Finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 After all this goopy snow, we are finaly getting sunshine.... YAY!!!!!!!!! I have been looking on the internet and have found this luxary beach house that is for rent at $130 at off season!! Mountains are nice but it has been very cold outside and I would rather stay at this beachouse. Of Course that is not possible cause we have a timeshare for this budget ressort company , Festiva's hotels. this oceanfront beach house sounds so much better than a unrenovated resort unit  that could hardly fit My mom, dad, brother, sister, and other sister , and that does not even count me!!!!! of all things, my dad thought of this great idea of a family reunion at one of those ressorts. I don't see a way we could fit my two aunts, my uncle, their kids , my 80 year old grandma, and my family in two rooms at a budget ressort. I will now post videos of the beachouse and the 80s resort . Be free to give your opinion.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crime With A Babish Punishment Chapter one.

     Well, Last time we left Tanya , she was at The Manor and had once again seen Super Girl who was gathering up recruits for her operation for the Battle against the Nannies. Tanya was glad to see Super Girl again, but was not ready for what was coming. Super Girl walked into the room in the form of a Rocking Horse , and when Tanya heard the toy horse talking she was startled , till it changed into Super Girl's spectacular form. After much staring in awe, Super Girl started to talk , in a frustrated  voice, that seemed to say hurry up in it's tone. The words super girl said were wild. " Tanya , you have done good in this last test, I am making a army to end the rule of these idiotic nannies. So I hereby knight you as 2nd in command in my army against the Society of Nannies. Then Super Girl told Tanya to drink a berry wine that would give her the power of being invisible. After the whole bottle was finished,off disappeared Tanya and Super Girl.
     Three minutes latter , with their invincibility  still activated they went into the old apartment that was  the first home  for Tanya. They walked into the place, and seeing that it was empty except for a sign that had a skull and read these words " go back." As they went in they saw a gruesome sight. Two bodies were found in a bloody heap. A closer look and the bodies could be identified as the 21 year old from the courthouse, and a boy who was 22 in real life age. It was clear what the 22 year old had done, considering he was found with her arms around the 21 year old and a knife wound on his back. He had done his duty to defend the home finder woman. Both seemed dead till a closer look was taken.  The boy was dead for sure, but the woman after given some water opened her eyes, to see the invisible form of Super Girl and Tanya . With tears , the woman said what had happened. " i told him to go but he insisted he save me. When all else failed he let himself get stabbed by a evil woman whose name I know not. His wounds have kept me alive just long enough to tell you this. Then the woman handed Tanya a note she scribbled down. At that moment she said " Take care Tanya, my mission on earth is over, please fulfill my dream , I will never see the day we are freed from are bondage. Right before the woman took her last breath, she said Goodbye Tanya, I will always be with you in your dreams. Then, there was silence . With tears Super Girl took the crying Tanya away.

Noveltea...: Florida Sunshine

Noveltea...: Florida Sunshine

Snow grades and other thoguhts.

Today was a busy day. I had to the usal school plus catch up. It is snowing outside . Dad said we might be able to go skiing next week at sugar Mountian if we get good test grades this week. Can already see myself skking down Grizily Bear Trail with my girlfriend. Those mountains. God's love is like those mountains. Jesus says that If none else do the Rocks will cry out their praise for Hm.  

My earphones are gone !!!

This music is loud!!!! I don't like it! Now how to i change the music 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Parmalee - Fireball (Wrecking Ball Parody)


Seems to have wrecked Miley also.

Kip Moore - Young Love

Crime With A Babiesh Punishment

             PART.                                                           THREE!!!

                    TENsion Burnes.

Crime With A Babish Punishment chapter two.

   Last time we left her off, Tanya did not listen to her friend , Super Girl, and Her grave fortune became a reality. Tanya's parents were arrested for not taking care of Her, and she was sent to a Giant manor that was big and had the one thing Tanya hatted , A nanny. As Tanya walked around the place, she was grabbed in the back by a abusive nanny. Tanya was never so scared in her life. In her fright, she threw a flowerpot   at Nanny's head and the five other kids at the manor followed Tanya's example. All the kids knew that Nanny sarah was a dangerous woman but none dare spoke a word for fear of being beat up. In this whole week, Tanya had met 5 kids like her and one of them became her best friend. This best friend was named Lilly, and it turned out Lilly was the only other girl who had seen Super Girl at all. Lilly and Tanya Talked about Super Girl all the time and never doubted what she said. Their friendship went on for that whole week and when that week was over , once Again, Super Girl appeared. This time , Super Girl gave them some water .

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crime With a babish punishment chapter one

   As we left off, our heroine has been  taken to Wet Island and the woman from the courthouse bathroom is putting her for adoption. When Tanya finally woke up, she found herself in a  a trailer park.  As Tanya pondered one her future, in walked her new parents. Both parents looked devilish , cruel,  and cold faced. Soon after , she was brought to her room, it's furniture consisted of a dresser that lacked it's leg, a faded brown nightstand, a overhead lamp that was so dim it barely gave any light, a 80s wood looking TV that got three channels  , a sticky desk covered with ants, a desk chair that had seen better days, and a freezer filled with old beer cans. Looking in the bathroom, Tanya found the toilet was clogged so it would not be usable, a bright yellow sink with a cabinet beside it. On the cabinet there were a baby's  needs which included a bag of size  5 easy ups , some wipes, and a towel. The main thing Tanya liked about her new home is that most of the time she was on her own. She could do whatever she wanted, and  unlike most of the babies in Wet Island, the diapers bought for her were pull on , making a nanny not needed. This life was fun, but lonely, she actually was able to text her friends in the real world and know there are people who do care for her.
  One day, Tanya woke up to find a new friend,  She was not sure if this girl was imaginary or not. This friend called herself Super Girl. One day while Tanya was writing her life story, Super Girl appeared to her and told Tanya a little bit   of her future. " Tanya , you have a grave future. Your foster parents will be arrested for neglect on thursday. You have two choices : Go with me, or wait till it is too late. If you do not go now, I will let you go to your new family for one week , and will come back for you after a week has passed. Whatever, said Tanya, My folks would never break one law. Before one more word could be said, Super Girl was gone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Crime With A Babish Punishment


           Part                         Two

            In Tanya's new home

Crime with a babish punishment. Chapter two.

  Still waiting for the Judge's ruling, the court was adjourned for one hour. In this time Tanya went to the Food Court and stopped at the Chic Fil a stall. There  she ordered her favorite meal The Orignal Chicken Sandwich , A large waffle Fry , and a extra large Lemonade. She was tired and had to go to the bathroom. As she opened the bathroom door, she saw a young woman changing her three year old daughter. Tanya had her eyes peeled to the diaper. The diaper was a White Could trainer for girls. The young woman then looked straight at tanya, and said " If you want to wear diapers don't wear dirty ones! Here, have some of my Child's clean diapers. " Tanya then said thanks and asked to woman why she gave away diapers. The woman then said " I used to be a diaper lover so I know how a diaper lover feels. " and at that moment, the woman walked away leaving Tanya in shock.  Two hours later , the verdict was made. The judge said " Tanya , you are guilty of stealing $3,000 worth of diapers and beating the guards up. Your Punishment is to be exiled on Wet Island, where there is no escape from babyhood.
   30 minutes latter Tanya was dragged into a plane that took her to a whole different world were adults and teens are babies and kids are like adults. The first thing Tanya though was " how do I get out ?? " the next moment she gasped when she felt something wet and padded that smelled like baby powder underneith her clothes. Tanya knew she could not escape but she ran and ran and ran till she got into a abandoned apartment. The building was empty and looked like it was gonna cave in. There was one apartment unit that caught her eye though. She went to that lighted unit, and found the last thing but best thing she wanted. Tanya knew there was no escape from diapers so sheave up trying. As Tanya flew open the door , a 20 year old woman, the same woman she had seen in the courthouse, was there taking care of other girls and boys like Tanya. Welcome, said the 20 year old woman. My name is Janet and I was one of you at one point. I am still one of you but have earned respect enough to be the head of the society of baby nanys. I really wish Me and all of y'all could lose our babyhood. My job is to find homes for all of you. This is my home and my master is out. Now Tanya, it is time you have that diaper of yours changed. And soon after Tanya was asleep.

Crime with a babyish punishment.chapter one.

  Tanya had been waiting in the courtroom all day, hearing the charges against her and the plaintiff talk about what she had supposedly done and hearing false witnesses. The main witness Jess, Tanya's next door neighbor who had framed her for breaking into a Walmart and , and $1,200 worth of every kind of baby diaper in the store. That is $2,868 worth of diapers. Why would Tanya do such a thing?? Tanya was  17, broke , and had three kids two were biological and one was adopted Only Jess and a few other friends knew this secret. It just so happened that Jess wanted Tanya to look like an idot so she could have Tanya's Boyfriend.

How it feels to be stalked.

A few days ago i was stalked by someone on the internet who wants nothing but sex. She was being a bully and role me to meet her at multiple times. I want the police to put this cyberstalker to execution.

Good morning smiles.

Look close and you will notice i arranged my medicine on the table so it looks like a smily face.

Friday, January 24, 2014

How to remove a player from RS

Step one. Make sure you have a photo of the person's cafe.

Step two . Have their storm 8 id in hand ( if possible )

Step three . Take a pic of the offending comments.

Step four. With the address report all of the info above

Thats all that is needed to report


In two weeks I will be babysitting like at least seven kids at church. I will have to find a way to keep them from hurting each other. I would not like the parents of these kids to pick their kids up just to find my wild 6 year old sister has gotten into a fight and there is no bouncer . I am babysitting a buncha preschool kids and I don't even know how to change a kid's diaper!!!!!! Let's hope I don't get home squashed and that i do not get peed on while changing one of the babies diapers.


Oh No!!!! my family has not gone to the grocery in 3 weeks!!!! not much to eat.

Thanks FOr Voting.

Well, The voting period is up and the idea that has the most votes is ......  idea number one.  Thanks Ya'll for helping me decide what to write.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My office/bedroom

My chair is made of black leather. 

Snoopy Calendar
This is a picture is of a framed photo of a bridge i made on family reunion a few years ago. I made the bridge out of old logs. It went from one side of a creek to the other the bridge did work everybody tried out walking on it. It was realy cool. The day after i built it the river i made it on nearly flooded and somehow the bridge stood the forces of the flooding river. 

Add caption
Well, today I have nothing betetr to do so I thoguht I would post a few pics of my bedroom/ office.

This is my bed . The quilt is new. My bed is leaning against the wall.

Bookcase is dirty.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

When I Sleep...

 As I lay down to sleep, 

When none are around I don't make a peep, 

I sit down and think,

About the things I see, 

I never count Sheep, 

Why should I, 

When I see you in my dreams,

Sleep baby sleep.  

As I lay down to sleep, 

I think about your blushing cheeks, 

I in-vision together , 

You And Me, 

Together for eternity.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

What i might win!!

I might win this from a contest hosted on and it's sister site , Girls Just Wanna Have i wonder what i should do if i win it!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

We're not gonna take it

Disordered dolls???

Sorry Mellisa but there are already disordered dolls made by American Girl. Any doll that is creative and smart ( i.e. Sage ) could be considered Autistic. Autism Spectrum is a disorder. People with Autism are smart and creative.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music video

What I did on new years eve.

  On new years eve me , my brother , and my sister went to a cjurch bowling event that ended at about 9:30 p.m. I went hystarical when two games had gone by and i wad beaten by my brother who had a score of 60 when i had a ending score of 20 on game 2. I kept losing. We had pizza in the bowling alley's Pizza parlor . The pizza was realy good. When we got back home we turned on a old Movie from the 50s staring  Cory Grant and Marilyn Monroe. While watching the movie we played board games. I played stratigo with my brother and the game ended as a tie. Both me and my brother surounded our flags by bombs and both of use had our miners dead so the bombs could not be destroyed. So at the end of the game there was mo way for the flag to be reached. We i killed most of his troops with my armies but when i got to where. The flag was the remains of my dwindling army blew up from my brothers bombs it was the same for my brother's 2colonels and general .

And heres some pics of the bowling alley...

Music video

Obama in hell

" Obama fell in to the burning lake of fire down down down and the flames went higher and he burns burns burns in the lake of fire the lake of fire."