Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feel The Blood

Feel the blood,
Run down my cheeks,
As I fade away today,
Taste the drops,
Of tears unshed,
How does it feel?
He feels so faint,
As he waits for,
God to take him away.
He looks so cool,
stands so strong,
But deep inside,
Everything is wrong,
But nobody cares at all,
They don't even know!


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God Bless America!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The World Unknown.

Ella stared across the cell, where she saw her sister crying, with a scar on her face. Emma was Ella's beloved sister who had been abused by her husband. Both girls were falsely accused for Mayor Lovell, known for his drunkenness and acting like he was still a college frat dude. Under those accusations, these girls were arrested the night before on Highway50 in front of a bar . They had been knocked unconscious by a cop who could care less. Once they gained concioussness and saw they were in prison they had 2 choices. They could ether wait to be wrongly punished, or make a attempt to run away. They chose the latter. " How the heck do we escape from this place?" asked Ella. " I have no clue, but there must be a way. Wait! I read somewhere that a Russian dude escaped  from jail by using a fork to open a opening in his cell's roof. our cell is on the top of this building, so if we are able to do this like the Russian guy did, we are free." Emily said, and continued on to say " For escape, we could get help from someone nearby. Let's talk to the people around us." Ok Emily!. A man named Jake who was in the cell beside Ella's said " Before I was arrested, I was involved with a gang, and know how to get us out. You help me get out, and I will help you. My buddy and fellow gang member, Johnny, can be of help also. If you protect us, we will be loyal to you. Our fellow gang members abandoned us and we will work with you. Both of us are awesome fighters. This area is supposedly guarded with max security, but the only guard here comes around in 15 minutes from now. The main problem would be getting through the danged security alarms. " Jake responded. Another voice was heard, this time a female voice with a German accent. " My name is Logan, and I got arrested for  hacking into CIA servers, gathering intel to prove the Communist working for the U.S.S.R. is our enemy. You would be surprised about how many people are here for so called treason against the Soviet takeover. I sugeest every one of us here make a revolt against the communism that controls our lives. We are not the criminals, the communists are. Overall everyone in this area amounts to 12 people who were trying to stop the communist regime. I know that even though you did not kill the governor, being accused to have done so is a medal of honor. I have been in here for 7 months. According to the gov't we are  their property along with everything else. That guard who will come through,   Jake will knock him out and take the cell keys, and I will use his cell phone to hack this system. Last time he came in here, he had checked his phone and typed in the password. I wrote it down on a small pad of paper in my cell. If all goes right This will be.... " Then came the guard. He was drunk and not paying attention to his surroundings. He heard Logan say " Hey sexy, you look tired, would you like to come and snuggle with me?" The guard opened Logan's cell, thinking he was about to make love. Using this chance, Logan shot the man in the head, and the guard died instantly. Only 2 other guards were in the building, and when they heard the sound both of them ran into the now hacked security system, armed and ready to fight. The issue the faced was clear. Logan had freed everyone, and given the weapons that the drunken guard had, which included a .22 Glock along with a Tazer. " Drop your weapons!" The guards said. The respose was gunfire. Both guards were knocked dead by the now armed Jake. All the while, Logan had killed all security systems in the jail, leaving the building empty and unguarded. It was the middle of the night. The 2 guards guns were given to Ella and Emily. " You will need these tonight. Since we are now free and nobody knows yet, let's search the place for any weapons and ammo. Each of these guards left their car keys on those key chains. We have little time to get ready. So Lets Get going!!" Said Jake. In 25 minutes they all were armed and had extra ammo, seated in a Crown Victoria cop car. Jake was behind the wheel and was taking them somewhere he called a "Safe Place." as he put it. " Where is this safe place anyways? " Said Emily. " We will go there tomorrow, but this cop car must be rid of and I know a travel stop owner who is against the communist regime also. He secretly supplies our type with arms and ammo. At his travel stop there is a gas station that has a convience store that adjoins a small diner.  He will lend us a better car and have a change of clothes. I called him already, and we have one room reserved at the on site Days Stop. It is not a nice place to sleep, but we can't pick and choose. He also has a better getaway car for us. " Three minutes latter, they arrived at the travel stop.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

short fiction.

Haley was sitting on a park bench one day, thinking about all her school problems, her grades, and failing relationships. All of the sudden she was grabbed by a invisable force she could not see. “ What the heck??!!” Haley said. “ shhh!” the voice responded. Seconds later she found herself stuck inside some time machine. “ be quiet!” the voice res[onded. But now the person speaking appeared. He was a 19 year old bearing a Colt .45. “ Why am I here?” Haley asked. “ You are being sent into the future by a group of freedom fights called The Patriots to stop an evil leader. “ why did you choose me?” She asked. “ The boy’s second response shocked Haley. “ Because this future leader is your future self, you will become a tyrant, unless you can change the path of your future. We are going to try to alter the future if you let us. It is up to you though. He said. “  I am willing to alter my future self, if it means power will not make me evil. I already knew some of this from visions I have had.” Just then, they landed at a military base that the U.S. Military abandoned years ago, and almost everyone thought it was dead. Nobody knew that behind the walls surrounding the base, there was a whole mini city run by The Patriots. It was just about like a small town. Haley walked into a motel, and the boy said “Until you have a place to stay, you will live here.  Now I have to go. You might want some food and sleep, it is nearly midnight. “Just then a blond haired girl of about 17 named Kathy walked Haley upstairs to room 10. “ We rarely have visitors. Me and my mom run this place by ourselves. What’s your name by the way? Mine is Kathy.” My name is Haley.” Was her response to Kathy.“About time a few more girls came into town! We don’t have many girls around here, so a new girl is a nice surprise. “Thanks, Kathy! It is nice to make your acquaintance. “ Both girls were hungry, so they went to the diner in the downstairs floor of the hotel. ‘ We have our own currency, so any money you have from your past world is worthless, however I will pay full charge for your meal and if you want, you can get a job working here, so you will have some money of your own. “ I will have a Shirley Temple and the pancake platter. “ Haley told the waitress. “ coming right up! The waitress said. After dinner was done and the bill was paid, the girls went to Haley’s room. Kathy had said they needed to talk in private. “I know exactly why you are here Haley, I was not supposed to know, but I overheard all. As a hotel worker, I hear many people’s secrets. I Also know something few others know. Only the top leaders know it. Trust me please. Somehow assassins have gotten in, along with a spy. We were found because of a hack. I was asked to be a assassin but refused to do so. Please trust me. If you don’t talk to our leader and he can confirm. I am a dangerous girl, so are you. My mom has supposedly joined the enemy and plans on trying to kill you. She takes pills to deal with heart issues, and drinks her pills down with a bottle of something in her room. I have poison I was supposed to use on you, but I want you to use it on her. To erase all doubts, I have this recording. The recording proved the evil intent of  Kathy’s mom. So with that said, it was all planned. Kathy would add excessive amounts of Molly to the water her mom drank to wash down pills. " Goodnight mother." Kathy said and she went to her room. The next day,  Kathy's mother was dead, her body was all decayed somehow and worms were eating her body remains.

Monday, February 1, 2016

lonely broken

I feel alone,

As I sit in a filled room,

all I can feel,

Is a emotional breakdown,

a heart distraught,

with pain unknown,

To most around.

I look so happy,

With my sweet but fake smile,

But It is all a disguise,

To hide the hurt,

as it gets worse and worse.