Sunday, July 31, 2016

late night love song.

I got a feelin thats burniin my mind,

All that's going on is he is riding away,

why not toss up a lil something back in your life,

And not let you leave lonely tonight.

Come on after this football game,

Hop on my bike and lets ride away,

Got out together and get a lil insane.

Visit my place and have a party tonight,

Or just drive all night till the sunlight.

Don't sit in the past girl,

Jump inside this crazy train,

We can go ether way,

Till we kill our pain.

Stop at the train tracks and smile,

I know we are only friends but still,

This is my late night love song.

Monday, July 25, 2016

You are the reason

You are the reason

You are the reason I'm trying harder,

To be the man I need to be,

You are the reason ,

I'm trying to be more clean,

You are the reason,

I put my head up and keep on,

Even when the going gets hard,

I think of you.

You are the reason ,

I want to control myself.

I got a ways to go,

But with your help I know,

I must keep on going,

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ruined souls....

the church bells ring on sunday morning,

everyone is happy so it seems,

The choir sings Holy Holy Holy,

And the minister speaks about how Jesus saves,

Come every other morning, his words will change.

Tuesday night  a woman came in to the church,

She was filled with hurt and pain,

With a desire to repent and become a Christian,

She walked to the pastors office and walked in.

" My name is Cathy, and I am filled with pain,

I have commited many sins,

My home I was raised in was broken,

After years of abuse ,

When I turned 18 I ran from it,

and became a alcoholic,

2 years later I got pregnant from a one night stand,

And killed my child via abortion.

Now all I need is help and a way out,

If God loves everyone,

Will you tell me how he can rescue?"

"You wretched drunken whore! ",

The minister said.

Upset and crying the woman left,

but on the way to her Ford ,

She saw the pastor's daughter in prayer.

" Jesus, forgive that poor woman, let her get to know you."

She heard the girl say.

And then the girl cried " Stop miss!'.

This 15 year old girl led the Woman to Christ,

Cause she could sort of understand what the woman had felt,

Even after her new life,

The woman felt the pain she had left,

And in a depressive state she said " Jesus forgive me!",

and shot a bullet in her head causing instant death.

Two days latter the minister was at his desk,

And had a heart attack that instantly left him dead.

As he looked at God he was scared,

for Jesus said " Depart i never knew you!",

The man thought he had light,

but he had death.

And in heaven the suicidal girl who had repented,

was happy forever.

(This poem is targeted for ridicule against false so called Christians who thought they were saved but never were,)

" Not everyone who saith to me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; But he that doth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you:  depart from me, ye that work iniquity. " - Mathew 7:21-23 KJV

Thursday, July 14, 2016

crime with a babyish punishment

" Where are we going?" Asked Kellie. The Confederate girl then said: " We are going to a long abandoned fort that's takeover by our folk in 1861 started the civil war. It is there you have been assigned to train. Very few people remember it because the history of what was America his nearly been erased. We will be riding by horseback to South Carolina. " This is insane! Why not use a train or something faster? They will kill us before we reach our location!" Kellie responded. The boy sighed and said, " Maybe a train would be a faster way of doing things and less dangerous. If we hid in a box car we would not be noticed. Nobody would know we existed. It will be rough and bumpy but much more concealed and safer than riding. But before we get on, it's best we stop at the nearest store and get something to eat. On the way up I saw a  store that had a giant sign saying Food Lion on it. The store had been abandoned it seems but we might find some supplies. " Said the boy.  They all agreed on the idea on riding a train. " uh, how will we use the bathroom if we are in a boxcar for days on end? It will be rather hard because there is no toilet in a boxcar I am pretty sure." Asked Katie.  Nobody responded, cause that had not been thought of yet. With tired horses, they arrived at the store. The door was unlocked. " We will need just enough food to last us a few days. If we get food that will spoil it will be bad and we will have nothing to eat. We must find things that will not spoil. Like canned goods." The boy said. As they walked through the aisles Kellie noticed a igloo cooler and said. " This cooler will keep food  cold for a day or so. " and she grabbed the cooler and stocked it up with foods that would need a cooler while the Confederate twins got bulk goods. Just before they left to the check out counter, she ran to the aisle that had a sign on top saying " Baby Goods." She ran through that area, and grabbed 2 bags of large girls Goodnites and 2 bags of large girls UnderJams. they all met at the checkout area. When the girl noticed the diapers she asked " What are Those for??" Kellie then explained. " If we go on a boxcar with no bathrooms or a way to get out and use the bathroom, I thought we could use diapers when we have to go to the bathroom. I know it is gross but thee only other option is mess or wet our underwear which will cause a bad smell in we will be caught. With these we will not have to deal with that. If one of us has to use the bathroom, we can use a diaper and another one of us could if need be, change diapers. " The boy responded saying " You are right. By the way Kellie, we found a loaded Smith and Wesson .48 Special with a box of bullets for it . Considering you don't seem to know how to use our 1860s guns and swords, I thought you might like this as a sidearm and as your main weapon you can have this .22 rifle with ammunition we found. If we end up being caught by the so called police that work for gangs our guns will come in good use. " 2 hours latter, right before the train started it's midnight ride, they snuck into a boxcar with their stuff and hid behind some boxes in case someone went in to investagate. Luckily nobody did and as the train left Kellie clung to the boy in his confederate uniform. It was cold and even though the girl had found and baught a blanket to use for sleeping and 2 tiny pillows, it was almost impossible to sleep as the train went on. After they ate some sandwiches and shared a bottle of wine, the boy said " I will have the first shift for lookout. You girls try to go to bed." Then nervously he added in " Kellie, I really like your hair." Kellie was fast asleep though, and could not hear him. The train went into the night....

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I wanna be that song by Brett Eldridge ( We all have that person..)

We all have that person we want to be that song for.... He/she can be your best friend, your fellow student, your girlfriend or boyfriend.... 

Dedicated to someone I really care about

Monday, July 4, 2016

Purposeful Pages Link Up

Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.



                          Answer to question 1. Romans 7;15. I can relate to what that verse so much because of the fact I also do not know why I do what I do

Question 2:The Guns Of The South

Question 3: I want to run better and faster this month

Question 4:I changed the layot of my blog a bit, delete some pages, and edited the about me section.

Question 5: the latest chapter i had posted .

Question 6: " We are here to help you." The girl said

Question 7:David. Because he suffered and had depression issues

Question 8: N/A

Question 9: I have learned certain was to attract more bloggers.

Question 10: Katie, from my own book. I don't know exactly what i'd do.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

If I was dead...

The world would be happier,

If I was dead,

So why am I living instead,

Considering the world ,

Would be happier if i was dead,

Why do I not drive this knife through my chest?

Yet I survive and live on,

Though sometimes I wish I was gone.

Friday, July 1, 2016


Why am I here,

Why am I alive,

Why does nobody hear my silent cries,

As I slowly die,

But nobody knows,

if they did, would they care?

Jesus loves me ,

This I know,

but where did everyone else go?

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

" So, you 2 have came to help me? Why? You have not ever seen me before, so how can I trust you? " Kellie asked the Confederate twins. " We did not come from nowhere. The leader of the good side, our leader, wanted us to be of your service. I know, me and my sister look like white trash,We are white trash. We are honored to protect you, tthe same way we tried to protect our conquered homeland in the 1860s. Me and my sister don't look like much  but will be of great service to you."
The boy said to Kellie. " Your weapons look the same as they probably did in the 1860s. Are you sure they will work? Kellie asked. " They are as old as us, which is over 1,100 years old. We never lost our youthful look for some reason and defied the concept of growing old. Our weapons have in a way done the same. Never lost a gunfight with this pistol, and in this day and age good weapons are hard to find. Our horses are outside, and we must leave now! We can talk later, the enemy is nearby and we must go." You will ride with my brother and he will give you his sidearm to protect yourself. " Said the girl, as her brother gave Kellie a Colt 1851 and led her to the girl's horse. " You and my sister will be riding together, ok? " The boy asked Kellie. " Ok, I will." she said. Off they went into the night. Back in Vegas, Jason and the rest were out to do their final duty in that filthy city. They had to assassinate Mary Annie's mother and kill the rest of the gang. " This is it! This is their location. I know this building by heart. I shall be the one to assassinate. You all follow me and kill all resistance you see, but I must deal with my mother alone. She rarely has guards in her room." Fifteen minutes later they were all in the building and had killed all resistance. Jason ordered they all stay in case trouble broke out. Back in her mother's room, Mary Annie was trying to reason with her mother. " Mom, why do you do what you do? Why are you fighting for the dark side? Are you blind? This will only lead to utter ruin. I love you mom, do you really want to live like this?' Annie, they killed your father, you do know that right? Her mom sobbed. " Mom.. they did not, the truth is.... I did. I sided against the dark side and killed him when he was in one of his violent rages." Said Mary Annie. And now since I could not reason with you, I must kill you also. Your army is all dead." With a sob, she pulled the trigger off her gun and shot her mother dead. Not able to bear the sight of her dead mother, she ran to the bedroom she grew up in, and cried in the pillow of her bed with purple covers. " I need to get up and going." She finally told herself. " But first I will get a few personal belongings before I leave." Mary Annie went  to her dresser and pulled out a old Browning Buck Mark, loaded it with proper ammo and grabbed a box of  bullets. Next she gently took a American Girl doll she had always loved off of a chair, the soft pillow she had been crying on,  Finally, Mary Annie took down a old photograph of her and her brother when they were kids and a diary. There were so many things she wanted to take but she could not take it all, so she joined the others and they drove away.