Sunday, May 20, 2018

crying in the pain.

She was crying in the pain,

That was overall her life,

and honestly just wanted to go,

Worn inside and had enough,

I heard her say "I've had enough.",

As she talked,

the train was on its way.

she tarted to run ,

run in front of the train,

and I took off after her,

right when she was meters ,

just meters for making it to the tracks,

Where she was indeed trying to die,

I broke out speeding and caught her just in time.

She protested, cried, and said she wanted to die,

impaired by alcohol and drugs she did not know,

What was even going on.

I took her carried her away so she could calm down and sober up,

and wished God would change her heart. I loved her so.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It's been a long road

It''s been a long road here,

To where I am now,

Verses were I was years ago,

I'm still Bipolar and that will never change,

But God used life to help me,

and to hurt me,

For his Glory,

It's been a long road,

But here I am now,

Troubled still,

But a bit better.