Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sire Stress...

Sire Stress and his Mistress anxiety,

They are trying to take captive of me!

Telling me to come to them,

That they will get things  straight,

When I indeed know,

All they want is me to be in pain,

But I shalt say and will say to they,

God is with me and I won't let you,

I will not let you keep me kidnapped,

I will NOT let you destroy me,

So no Sire Stress,

No Mistress Anxiety,

I will NOT let you take captive me!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Lord thank you.

You know what I am going through,

That it almost is unbearable,

but still, you are there,

even throughout the pain,

When I fall apart,

You help me get up,

And Jesus, you help me fight,

And then make it another day,

Allow me to forgive,

Those who are hurting me,

And thank you for my struggles,

As they hopefully will help me lean more on you,

Thank you Lord

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Civil Wars

Internal wars plague my world,

And can interfere with my mind,

The fighting and dishonesty,

And by my part me putting in everything,

To show her that I truly do care bout her,

Sometimes it is hard at times though,

I give it all and would defend her any day,

Yet all she does is push me away ,

I guess that is my sister's game,

You can give it all you have ,

Yet it will never be enough,

I hope with the help of God can get better,

Cause she isn't what she can be,

May God forgive her. 

* sidenote: This poem is kinda personal in a different way for me. It's a ode to my younger sibling
who I try to do my best to believe in her even when she has breakdowns and doesn't understand herself fully. I want the  Civil War will end soon but it may never.