Monday, October 31, 2016

An angel dies

The death of an angel,

Her body of the floor,

After years of being ,

Broken and torn,

Nobody cares that she's gone.

The pain outweighed the good,

And she said " God, I've had enough! "

"Take me home!" ,

She stuck the knife through her neck,

 Just like that, she was gone

i'm restless

I am so restless,

I spend many nights without sleep,

My emotions make me go a little crazy,

I love the night,

It loves me,

Even though I  feel so lonely,

It may kill me one day,

But Hey!

I still stay awake at day!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Room Renovations Part 2

So here's the new version of my room:

I have this giant new bed to replace my old one.

                                               I loved the mini bar to were the doll stuff was

Where the mini bar was , I moved all my doll stuff and it really is much cleaner looking. I made some adjustments. I turned my old end table I no longer use into a trundle bed by turning the enndtable's shelf into a doll bed and I put my old pillow as a trundle under the bed in a way it could be pulled out for when needed

Room Renovations! : ) (finally!)

Well, for a while my room has needed some changes. So That has been what happened and to be honest, I think it looks less of a mess.

                    Here's my old room :

This is my old room set up section one. It is the part that is yet to have changed but desk replacements are under way

This is my old bed. It's a twin and rather small

This area was a mini bar of some sort. Thus those glasses and bottles

That's the old American Girl doll home. It spread across the wall.

Now for The new

Friday, October 28, 2016

Crime With A Babyish punishment

 Meanwhile in the other side of the country, right on the Nevada – South Dakota border, Mary Annie, Jason, Lydia, Tanya, and the rest of their company were in a stolen Jeep on the way to Rapid City, South Dakota. “ So, we are looking in rapid City for the enemy . There is supposedly somebody with information there about Emily and we as a group have been assigned to fight for control of the plains. So are you ready? Jason loaded his shotgun and said “ Ready for anything. Let’s now head for that hotel where the headquarters for our side’s army is located. “ Into the town they rode and the sight they saw was devastating. Bodies were everywhere, and everything was burnt. “Oh my gosh! What the heck is happening? It looks like a bonfire!” A girl came out of a little house and from the rubble, she smiled. “ Emily!!” Jason cried! “ I see you all have not forgotten me, and the abductees forgot about me. Everyone else is dead. There is nothing left here. We can search for any remaining supplies and for any clues on where the heck Kelsey and all the other loons who ran this town to the ground are. The whole state is in ruins and the governor has been assassinated for resisting according to the empire run CVS news. It is pretty much run by nobody at this point. There’s no government and The Dark side saw the whole state as wasteland that they left to rot. Thus, the whole state has become a stronghold. There is some of the enemy in the state though. It was said that a train line run by the Dark Side. There are multiple mini cities the enemy has created though, in the middle of nowhere but still they have built small cities. We should go help fight the enemy a drive them out of South Dakota. “ A day latter they were on the way to the closest stronghold.

crime with a babyish punishment

. “ Kellie went back to the farmer and said  “ We can and will take your offer. How many people  are still here? “500 good folks have stayed to keep their home alive. I know we need to make plans, but firstly, you girls  need food, weapons,  and clothes.  I don’t know how one of you ended up in such horrid clothing conditions but you will need new clothing. Unfortunatlly, we have no military clothing so you will have to wear my wife’s dresses. I will work on getting the old truck fixed for y’all to use safely. We have a cellar you can live in as your own home. It is safest for you to live underground. I promise that once they know heroes are here ,  our neighbors will donate furniture and equipment to your new home. “  Thank you sir! You are so kind for letting us live here for awhile till you can leave and our town is safe. The train you blew up is the only train on this route and that said, nobody will know about it for awhile if we destroy everything they have, but watch out. The danger is up north 40 miles away, a town that is much larger and is 100% controlled by the enemy. They even have a small fort run by the dark side. The reason they gave up and surrendered to evil because they were weak at heart. We never gave up, they just took over and left us pretty much when we did not produce enough for them. That’s where you girls come it. Help us defeat the thugs up north who supsoedly have been making plans to destroy within 6 months. Train us how to properly use weapons and if you can, help us make new weapons. A old gun manufacturing plant is right outside of town. If 50 people are willing to be employed there and you can show them what to do, our weapons will be more powerful and more effective for fighting. Tomorrow our friends will help you, but first tonight, we will kill the three men taking guard at the outpost. Once they are gone the town is safe for awhile.  The farmer said. The girls had a fresh dinner of eggs and cornbread. “ Yum!” Exclaimed the very hungry Kellie. “ So when will we take them by surprise?” asked Katlyn, now in  a white sundress, completely opposite to her normal army clothing. She and Kellie had been given shotguns to replace what they had been using that was no longer effective due to lack of ammunition. “ In 30 minutes be ready to kill. My wife, Penny, will be joining us along with my son, Jordan. Together they will die. My Remington 870 has never failed me and will not tonight. Out came his wife, who said nothing but had a smile of hope. Jordan was strong and smart enough to have trained himself on how to use a AK-47. As they left the house to confront the wicked he said to  Katlyn, “ You are pretty dad gum strong. I knew  your brother. He was a good guy.  I heard you were just as good a shot as him and tonight I hope that will prove to be true. “ With a shy smile kaatlyn said “ Thanks, Jordan.” They arrived at the out post, where the three men were surprised. Guns pointed they started firing. But the girls and their new friends were smart. They dodged the bullets. It was fairly easy to kill all three, Going home they locked the door, and just like everyone else in town, went to bed. After they got home all went to bed, except Katlyn and Jordan, who sat in the kitchen. By nature, Jordan was a good cook and since both him and Katlyn were not tired, he made some pancakes. After they were done Jordan made a smiley face with syrup he put on Katlyn’s pancakes. “ What do you think of my cooking on a scale of one to ten? Good, or bad?” asked Jordan. “ These are the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted Jordan! And I love the smiley face. Also thanks for the coffee.” Katlyn explained. “ There’s something I need to tell you that nobody else knows. I have suspected within our town we have a spy. I have told my dad also. He will probably tell you more about the spy and what we know tomorrow. I just wanted you to be careful. What I am asking you is this, will you be a spy? Nobody needs to know  this offer, not even my father who I truly respect, but I don’t think  he would consider  this a priority. I will track down the spy if you help the town by being a spy. Your missions will be late night. We can talk more about it tomorrow, just don’t tell a soul so the idea does not get out to anyone. I am the most technology advanced person in this town and am a computer genious. Will you help  the town? “ Yes.” Katlyn replied. “ Well for tonight we best retire. I will lead you to your living space and if you would like I will stay with you. Would You Be Ok with that, Katlyn? “ Yes” she replied. Tired and exhausted, they completely fell asleep. Hey Kellie and Katlyn and… Jordan? Wake up. A new day is here and cinnamon rolls are coming out of the oven. Today is moving day, and your new living space will be set up. While we get it ready, Jordan, will you take Kellie and Katlyn down town to meet the townsfolk?

crime with a babyish punishment

. Upset at everything, Kellie watched the thug’s crimes. Katlyn had been dragged to the back car. Essentally they were prisioners on a train, but the thug was stupid and tied the ropes very badly. With much effort, Kellie untied the ropes around her wrists. Next thing she needed to do is save Katlyn before it was too late. With nothing but the thug’s pistol he left behind, she started looking through the cars. “ Where is Katlyn?” she asked herself.. Looked through all the cars,  she knew the one place Katlyn must be. She walked torwards the caboose. The door was locked and the freak was busy getting out waht looked like gasoline. Thoughtlessly She shot the door open and ran in. The thug said : “ Look what we have here. Another rpincess to slay.” Before he could say anything a bullet went straight through his skull. Unofrturnatly, the bomb he had set off had 30 seconds left before the whole train exploded. With Hury and great speed Kellie took Katlyn by the hand and said “ Jump! “ Katlyn said “ Let me get the gun right beside me.” Five  seconds left. With gun in hand and a coat Katlyn grabbed so she would not be naked, the 2 girls jumped. They landed and to the ground and ran to a distance just in time. The train blew up in flames! “ What next Kellie? All we have left is 2 guns low on ammunition and I am only wearing a very uncomfortable and unsafe coat. We are off track, and have no direction. “ Don’t worry Katlyn. I have a bit of food in my coat and there’s a old Ford F-150 over there. Let’s see if it will operate. If it does it is better than nothing. And good job grabbing something to wear, clothes are important. The keys had been left in the car and as they looked inside the truck for the keys, a old farmer said: “ Hey! Get out of my truck you theifs! I am tired of people from the dark side invading this town. So surrender or I will shoot! Strangly though, you don’t look like the enemy..” We aren’t sir. A train going this way we had been hiding in it . We are from the good side, and the dark side found us as stowaways and tried to kill us. My brother died but we managed to kill all five of them. Before my broth died he killed 4 of them and we delt with the fifth. Now we are looking for help, and thought this truck was abandoned just like everything else in this town looks like. “ Katlyn responded. Then the farmer replyed saying “ The enemy has invaded our small town and taken control as a outpost for reasources. Due to new lands, they  barely stop by anymore but we are forced to lodge them or get killed. Our crops are poor and we are pretty much burnt to the ground. They rarely stop here. If you could save our town from destruction we will gladly help you get on your feet, starting with giving you my truck. So are you in for it? You need reasources and clothes. We can help you. Just protect us by raising a decant and well armed army to protect ourselves then defeat the guarded outpost. “ With a bit of tought Kellie said: “ We will have to alert Katie about our situation and ask her. It will take a few minutes to send her a message only she would understand. “ Ok!” The farmer said. A few minutes latter Katie replied saying “ For pete’s sake! If you are stranded and in a position to help these poor people defeat the enemy help them. Save the folks and kill the enemy. And I’m really upset with the news those thugs shot aand kill Katlyn’s older brother. How dare they! Well, help these people they need it badly

Crime With a Babyish Punishment

. “  Back on the train,, Kellie was no longer worried much and laid back, yet quiet. Somehow, nobody had detected their existence. “ nobody thinks about anyone riding in train cars any more these days, so we should be safe.” The confederate girl said, as her twin brother rubbed against Kellie’s body. It was freezing cold and they were all in their winter clothes. It was so cold, and Kellie didn’t mind the soilder who was protecting her to mess with her warm body. “ I want something to drink other than this firewater and our limited water supply. “ said the confederate boy. “ I have a solution for the issue, even though it is kind of gross. I can breast feed both of you if you  want to drink breast milk, It may work.” The girl said. Everrybody declined. “ We are an estimated 26 hours away from our stop where the 22nd North Carolina will await us, from there we will head to a fort called Fort Johnson which I got a telegram saying it was under attack and our powers are needed. However, before we arrive, Kellie, Me and my sister must quckly teach you how to use a Springfield rifle, the weapon you, me, my sister, and the rest of the 22nd North Carolina have. They have been given special and dangerous “upgrades.” When we came back from the dead. So considering that… Just then a man from the train broke out and smashed open the doors to the boxcar. “ We have been spotted! You don’t know how to use these rifles so use my sister’s pistol. The confederate boy said.”  Sure enough the man on the train checking cargo yelled “Stowaway!” 5 men  rushed to the boxcar’s door, to find their comrade dead. Bullets started to shoot out, Gunfire was everywhere. As the men assailed them, the Confederate boy said : “ That man dropped his gun. You know how to use those better than ours so take it before he has a chance. I am wearing bulletproof vest so don’t worry about me. You and Katlyn hide behind the cargo and shoot from there, like a makeshift fort. I will stay in front. Neither of you are protected becase you lack the equipment. Don’t let them know you are here till I smile then fire. We must protect this boxcar. We are in the middle of nowhere and the enemy is focused on Fort Johnson. Kill these men, take control of the train, and all is well. “ The springfield fired faster than normal and the ammunition was skin piercing. No need for using a rod to reload  with the upgrades it had. Two of the men went down then came the other three. They jumped into the car and like he said he said he would, The Confederate boy smiled. Kellie and Katlyn shot like crazy. With only her pistol, Katlyn was in the most danger. All of the sudden the boy fell and said “ I’m dying. Take my weapon Kellie and hand it to Katlyn. Not Going To… Wounded as he was,   he got up and sang “ Shot down in a blaze of glory….” Close to stumbling, him and the train conductor fired at the same time. Both instantly  died. No time for tears and 2 men left, Katlyn and Kellie nonstop kept shooting. Due to lack of ammunition and bad weapons, both girls  fired gunshot after gunshot. One man fell down leaving it 2 to one. However, the final enemy in the train came to them, laid down his weapon and said “ I have a deal.” Before he could explain it he broke out and started to rape Katlyn and tied Kellie up.. “ You can’t stop me!” the thug said. 

crime with a babyish punishment

As they arrived, Evan and Katie warned everyone saying “ The whole town that is able to  fight for their lives, including children and women who are able to, must all come to Fort  Jameson and defend. We will help them get themselves and any needed provisions such as food and weapons braught with them. The fort is low on arms and reasources so each man, woman, and child must bring whatever they can to fight. Those who can’t fight will be protected in a hidden part of the most inner part of the fort. They already took out a minor small fort 3 hours away so we have very little time to prepare for a major attack. “ said Katie. Instantly everyone was doing everything they could to evacuate and keep the enemy from gaining anything that could be used against them. Many of the families had guns that had been in their family for ages and knew by heart how to use them over newer types, and with no time to train, these families braught what they knew how to use. Food and extra bedding was driven in by the masses from the Y-Mart owner. The townsfolk agreed to bomb everything in their town. One hour latter, all the townsfolk and those already in the fort were at their positions. “ Is everybody  ready for a life or death battle? These people all want us dead. They totaled a unprepared smaller base 3 hours away and set it on fire because it was too small to be of any use. All the people got killed! Thus we are all here today. We must fight like the Warriors each of us are, and win. There will not be any lives lost for no reason, and we will not be a sacrifice!” Said General Jackson. Just then, the dark side started their assault. At least 250,000 wicked ones were attacking outside, including 200 fire cannons, 700 tanks, and 20 fresh from the factory airplanes. Right on the roof of the fort 100,000 snipers were waiting to fire at the planes from long distance…” Kill Kill! You can do this! Cried Katie. It took 24 hours of planes catching on fire, bombs going off, 5,000 people of all ages, many were townsfolk, including children shot dead to the ground or hit by fire bombs. Millions of gunshots and poisoned fire arrows were shot down at the enemy, as body after body ether blew up or fell down dead covered in blood.  Fort Jameson had been hit in 5 different areas, but somehow the fort was held, thanks to the patriotic citizens and the dropping of many explosives that killed half of the enemy, the other half were killed by those fighting to protect the fort. Blood was everywhere. Some people’s heads had been shot off, while others bodies had been burnt to a crisp.  At the end of the day the remaining 2,000 assailants surrendered and were taken prisoners of war. “ What should we do about the POWs Katie? They are all down in those crowded cells, and they best be interrogated as soon as possible. Should we start tonight?” asked General Jackson. “ Yes. Let’s start the interrogation process. It should be easy to know who to kill and who to talk to. Their attitudes show their loyalty. Anybody who shows any sign of remorse will be questioned further but from what I saw that seemed few.” Katie responded. So off they went, dealing with the POW’s. There were 3 who came out and were willing to talk. All of these were put through a truth detector but only one was telling truth in what she said. It was a 12 year old girl named Kaylee. “I’m really sorry! I had no clue what I was getting into. These people, all of them have been brainwashed except me. They were torturing me just to accept that I was no longer myself. I did not accept dominance of those I did not like. I was told I would get everything under the sun if I joined the dark side, but never told that I would have to give myself up. So they flogged me, beat me, sexually abused me, and forced me to fight  ever want to see these people again! Just trust m eand let me help you. I know much information you would be interested in. She sobbed. Forgive me!! She cried.” After a few minutes of thinking Katie said: “  I will save you. I believe you are truthful and here you will never have to give up what they were not able to make you give up. “ said Katie. With no words to express her emotion, Kaylee gave Katie a big hug. “ Time for you to get dressed out of these nasty rags and be given proper food, then a bath. You need to be clean. After a nice meal and you cleaning yourself uup, I want to talk to you. “ said Katie.. “ Ok Katie! Will do!” then off to the shower she went, with a clean dress made with protective silk from a secret garden nobody knew the location of. In her pocket she had a tracking device on her breast assigned to contact the enemy while she was still on the dark side.. When she remembered it she instantly called out Katie. “ What do you need?” Katie responded. There’s a dad gum tracking device on me that I am not able to remove along with everyone else here. Remove it from my body please. And if you have not killed them yet, kill every prisoner right now. Be ready for a second hit. I know exactly what is coming so just listen to me but first remove this tracker from my breast. It is a danger to everyone! Have you killed the enemy yet” Thank God we have !  And right now we need to remove that from your body. Be careful and don’t scream, but first, is the tracker in range of the enemy? “ yes. . But it will take a few days for them to arrive. Be ready for their worst. Call in strong amounts of reinforcements. “ Kaylee said, as the tracker was removed from her chest. “ Now have whatever you can bring come to our help. I can give you a accurate description

Crime with a babyish punishment

once again set up office in a private room and was helping make future plans. She had also been training Evan how to fight properly, both the modern way and the Spartan way. She also gave him the power to fly with her. Thus was her way of trying to make a amle counterpart out of a ordinary human. Katie was Back in North Carolina, everything was at peace for the time being. The Dark side’s attacking troops had been completely wiped out and nobody was able to let anybody outside of town know what was going on unless they drove to the nearest enemy base which was 7 hours away. So the good side was giving the dated Fort Bragg a much needed renovation and had been reinforcing it so they could hold the fort and control North Carolina. Katie had making Evan, by his own will to become a fairy like her so she would have a male counterpart. “ I never thought I would ever be able to do this, Katie! Thank you for this training. It’s so different than my old self. I have become a fairy like you. I am learning  to be a victorious fighter also. But why?” then Katie responded saying “ I always wanted another of my dying race. I was the only one left. I was given th permission by God to make you become a fairy warrior just like I am. It gets very lonely being the last remaining. When I met you I knew you were the right person. After we win this war I want to become your wife. But for now, we must fight for freedom and victory. Oh yes, I love you.” “ I love you too Katie.” Then Evan kissed Katie on the lips. Once that was over and they finished fighting practice, it was time for dinner. Everyone gathered up at the table to eat. The dinner was large. There was Authentic Carolina style BBQ  , crispy Tatter Tots, and Slaw. Some people put their BBQ on buns while others ate it straight off the plate. All around it was the best BBQ they all had ever tasted. For drinks most of them had ether Coke, Sprite, Water, or Alcohol.  With a feeling of victory, and a little too much yo drink, Katie raised her bottle of Dos Equis and yelled “A Toast for victory!!!” Everyone roared and clinked their glasses. Everyone was having a good time, when all of the sudden Katie and Evan were summoned to the intelligence room by a man in black. “ Urgant news. Come with us now but don’t get noticed. We need your help now! In the intel room filled with all it’s computers and equipment, the head of Fort Bragg’s intel branch, Sir Greene, said “ A message has been intercepted from the Enemy that reads they will be making a strike on the less guarded Fort Jameson, 2 hours from here in Kriston. Your job is to alert the inhabitants of the surrounding town to be up in  arms to guard the fort. The described forces are 25,000 soilders , 2 tanks, and 3 planes. Our air force is horrible but 6 of our 15 pilots are preparing to fire at enemy planes. “ ok sir! We understand.” 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sit down and cry.....

Sometimes I smile and look so happy,

Like everything is going my way.

The part that is strange is that soften that ain't the case!

I sit in my room sometimes and cry,

Then I really, really, want to die.

And after awhile I feel hopeful and smile.

God has many times not given me the strength needed to take my life.

Friday, October 21, 2016


She's beautiful,


She's everything to me.

She's like a angel when she's smilin,

I know I am dyin,

But i wish she could see,

Just how much she means to me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sad endings and a hopeful future...

Hi everyone. My life has been changing so much recently, so I wanted to share it with you guys who follow me. First of all I added in the music video for Everything Changes by Staind in case you want to listen to it. I'm going through major changes. Firstly, Wednesday was the Conference meet, the final Cross Country meet I will ever run in, although I might help out at regionals. With highs and lows and much fun it has been a good season. I broke my personal record at our final home meet before Conference (my school always hosts Conference.) 9 schools came, and my school was ranked 2nd. The excesivly strong Northern Guilford High School team beat ours. However, our best runner did manage to secure second place before anyone from Northern Guilford could. He normally gets first place at regular meets but him getting second place at Conference is a big achievement! I ran as JV ( Junior Varsity) and got second to last place. JV is all the players who did not make the top seven in each team. I did my best and it was not quite enough to not be defeated by Northern Guilford's worst JV player. So from here I will start practicing for racing individually at 5k competitions accross North Carolina. I have till the end of next July till I start college so I might as well train for competitions and such while waiting. In January I will graduate from High School and am stressed over it all.The local community college is where I will spend my first 2 college years. as I run more I hope I will gain more rewards. Here's how I ended my season:

                                             A lot of stuff right? Ya....
Anyways I will hopefully have more time to post regularly. Oh yes, Throughout all this I feel like my best friends have abandoned me!  Here's a colection picture of my team and different photos of us:

some of these pictures are from this season, some are from last season.

Well, I hope everyone has a good night. : )

Monday, October 17, 2016

She's my everything !

When I'm with you,

I feel so happy,

Your princess hair,

And your pretty body,

But you are more than a hottie,

You kind and sweet,

Tender unlike me,

She's my everything!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

My prayer for myself to God......

Lord help me control myself,

And help me fight my emotions,

Before I do something stupid,

I am bored of not asking for help,

I guess I can't do this by myself,

So Jesus help me deal with it all,

I know alone I just might fall,

And get killed by myself,

Help me fight my mind,

Which tends to go out of control.

I just know I need help.

Thus I ask you Jesus ,

To give help I need,

To survive.

Don't walk away

girl don't walk away,

I'm on my knees babe,

I know I am a pain,

But don't walk away,

I care about you,

I just want you to know,

I don't want you to go,

Don't walk away I love you so!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why don't you trust me?

I walked on water,

I calmed the sea,

I fed thousands,

Why don't you trust me?

I gave it all for you,

Gave my life to save your soul,

and then came back again,

resurected and restored.  

Why don't you trust me? 

Why do you have little faith,

In the one who saved you,

from hell's fury. 

Just trust me.  

- poem I wrote about Christianity, Jesus, what he did, how he died and rose again  and why we should make him first.  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I now have five followers finally!

Thank you all! my followers mean a lot. Thank You ashley Niccole for being my fifth follower, My blog is finally getting somewhere due to my awesome followers: Ashley Nicole, Avery stephens, aidyl ewoh , and Rae Hatcher. Y'all rock!

my blood..

feel my blood girl,

feel it fall,

as you touch my dying heart,

Taste the taste of death itself,

And be my help,

do what no doctor has ever done,

what no physician or psychologist can,

Give me love,

and take the pain with me,

Be my deadly baby,

the one that tears me apart.