Monday, June 15, 2015

Vacation To Kill Devil Hills

hi everybody! It seems ages since i've posted! I hope everyone is doing ok. What are you all doing this summer? I'm going to get myself a job, run a lot, and learn how to drive. I will most likely do more but the rest will be made up as it goes. Last wedsday I went to kill devil hills and left on saturday. When we arived at the beach house we were very excited! That night before we arived, we stopped at the Food Lion for hot dogs, condiments, and drinks. After we arived and ate food we went on a evening walk on the beach where i decided to soak myself and walk into waist high water. I was left soaking for the rest of the walk untill I got washed off in the shower. After all this I kicked back in the living room with a glass of lemonade where me and the family hanged out till 11:00 p.m. After then I went to my room and had myself a one person party. I feasted on Apple Pie and a milky drink I concockted. I stayed up till 3:00 a.m. Allthe time i was wishing a girl named Victoria was with me. The beds were so hard. The next morning i woke up late and found nothing to eat in the kitchen. I decided ro wait till lunch time. My family went to the beach while I decided to stay at home. I remembered what had happened the night before and how I had soaked my bed and decided to go across the street to the Food Lion and buy a bag of 11 Goodnites for Girls. I got home and slid one on to test them out, and  ended up using only 5 of the 11 goodnites at night time and the rest I pourposly wet in the daytime. After my family got back we went to this place called The Black Pelican, a bar which used ro be a U.S. Coast Guard station. They specialized in Fish and I had a Baja Mahi or someting like that ,which was a Mexican fish dish that tasted really good. The place had very cute waitresses. Latter that day we went to a place called Lost Treasure Mini Golf. It wasreally fun.The next day we went. the beach and I spent most of my time in the ocean dodging waves. I almost got taken under at one point! Wehadhome cooked meals for lunch and dinner that day. The worst part about the meals we made was the oven atthe house. The oven was 1980s and gave out a dangerous smell of something burning to a char and we had to open the windows to get rid of the smell! Inbetween i spent most of my time wetting diapers in my room. Thatnight we went downtown where we got homemade icecream that was only half thawed!     Once wegot home we packed our bags and got ready to leave the next day. The. Next.  Day was the best. We ate at this place called StackEm High Pancake House where I had the best stack of five chocolate pamcakes ever!! They were delicious! Well, wewent on our way and stopped at a town named edention. The town washistorical and had many historical places. We saw them all.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Things that happened on the first day of Summer break in the past

  • Roman Emporer Nero had his throat slit into by his secritary to evade the death sentance of being flogged to death, which was to be passed according to the Roman senate. (68 a.d.)
  • The first legal corperation in America , The Harvard Corporation, was established. (1650)
  • First Porotastant church in Ohio holds communion.(1772)
  • Philidelphia Spelling Book, by John Berry, becomes the  first book to be copyrighted in America. (1790)
  • 500 Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa, The found Salt Like City. They bring ll their belonging in 2 wheeled handcarts.(18560
  • Charles Elmer Hires, the first person to comercially sell root beer, sells his first root beer. (1869) 
  • a 22 year old housewife named Alice Hyluer Ramsey becomes the first woman to drive across the united states.with 3 female friends who did not know how to drive, she went from Manhattan, New York, to San Fransisco, California. She drove a  Maxwell Automobile.(1909)
  • The Donald Duck carton 'The Little Wise hen" was released (1934)
  • 19 guests die a Canford Hotel fire in Dubuque, Ohio. (1946)
  • King Bhumibol Adulyadgj becomes king of Thiland.  at age 87, he is the longest ruling Monarch in Thailand's  history and is still in reign.(1946)
  • Hottest day recorded in the history of Seattle, Washington. (1955)
  • the movie "Cleopatra" opens in NY (1963)
  • Paul Macarthy's album "RAM" goes gold.(1971)
  • Bruce Springsteen signs a record deal with Colombia (1972)
  • Cydni Lauper's first album, Time After Times, is released (1984)
  • A American named Thomas Southerland is kidnapped and held hostage in Lebanon.(1985)
  • British lease on new Hong Cong territories expires (1997)
  • Short people are 50% more likley to have a heart attack. They make less money, have a harder time finding a mate, and getting into a  political ofice. (2010)