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Crime With A Babyis punishment ( updated)

ok. I decided to remove the the end and continue because I had more ideas. Any of you who have not read the first 47 chapters from last spring and summer, parts of this post might not make any sense. In this post the adventure had ended . I just updated the content so that the characters are assigned to a whole new adventure. here goes nothing:

Last time we left our heroes, Sgt. Jessica, Gen. Tanya, and Lilly used a secret tunnel that goes under the gates of Wet Island and ends in the basement of a manor where 75 kids were to be saved. All 75 kids were rescued, but the 75th kid was the Woman of Baby Manor's kid and was guarded with violent watch guards. This kid was able to be rescued, but at the price of Lilly dying due to multiple wounds from the guard's attacks. Pay Attention because this chapter is going to have a lot going on!
                  When The Woman of Baby Manor found out what happened she was enraged! The first thing she did was talk to Gen. Badbreast on what to do. Here's who The Woman Of baby Manor's conversation with Gen. Badbreast. Woman: Emergency Emergency !! ( runs into Badbreast's giant palace) Badbreast: what is going on? Woman: We have been attacked by the rebels! Badbreast: What do you mean????!!!!
How could the town be attacked? The walls are fully guarded and not destroyed. Woman: somehow they have undermined the walls and have a tunnel built for attacks. Badbreast: WHAT????!!!!
                 Just then the bells rang and Wet Island had been attacked. Elisa was bringing in a army of 700,000 strong  into the city. Minutes before the war started Super Girl had a flamable potion thrown into the fireplace in Baby Manor making the whole place and all the people dweling there burnt to death. Sooon after the destruction of Baby Manor Super Girl texted her brother, Capt'n Freedom, the ruler of Seagull Island, known for it's famous Fighter Fishermen to send as many boats of fighter fishermen as possible to help fight aginst the black shore witches. 15 minutes later Capt'n Freedom responded to Super Girl and sent 250 boats of fighter fisherman armed with killer harpoons, birds trained to drop explosive oysters on certan buildings in wet island,  cannons that gave out destructive and fiery  puffer fish  and pistols that shot killer sea pearls that killed a black witch instantly after hit.
                  General Badbreast was almost sure she would win for good but as the battle continued, she was not so sure. The battle raged, cannons boomed, and dead soilders were everywhere. Fast forward two days latter, and all of the important buildings were seized, including the courthouse, the embassy building, the jail where Badnbreast and the other witches had the rebelious children that Sgt. Jessica and Tanya broke into, saved the imprisioned rebels, and brunt the rest to the ground. Whole neighborhoods could be seen being devoured by toxic potions that destroyed the wooden houses' foundations and killed the enemies inside, and the buildings on the boardwalk were ether hit by a expolisve oyster that made homes and buildings blow up with a Kaboom! and fiery puffer fish that turned buildings and all inside into giant fireballs burning all night long like a toxic tiki torch! The walls had long since been destroyed, with the archergirls' fire arrows and the expolsives from Super Girl's Air Force and the sudden appearance of her 2nd cousin, the legendary Captain America. Most everything was destroyed, but the main target, Badbreast's palace was still safe and until the mayor's manor was destroyed the war would not end. The 100,000   Badbreast had her remaining 100,000 men guard her mansion. Once agian fast forward to 1 mounth latter, and nothing is left of wet island except the Mayor's Manor which is still to be destroyed. All this time Super Girl's tunnel diggin team had been building a tunnel and most of the troops had retreated, but not defeated. Badbreast thought otherwise and in thoughts of victory she held a giant party the night before she was gonna attempt a assault on the rebel base, and the next day was rather drunk. That very day she sent the troops to destroy the rebel base, Super Girl's diggin crew finaly finished the tunnel  and a unexpected  attack occured. Super Girl's base was well armed and the entrance was hard, so while most of the 90,000 of badbreast's 100,000 remaining troops perished, the 10,000 remaining easily found the tunnel that had many a hidden trap in it and was almost impossible to get through without many being swallowed up by pits of snakes or trapdoor dumpsters and worse. Badbreast was desperate so she sent her army through this newfound tunnel to the rebel mansion. Had she any clue of what was in the tunnel, it was questionable she would have done such a thing. Filled with boredom, and knowing this would be the final battle, Gen. Badbreast led her troops out of her palace and into the tunnel.
                   After many screams and  dissapearinces, General Badbreast led her remaining troops who did not fall in the traps into the mansion, thinking to suprise Super Girl, Tanya, Elisa, and their forces. Imagine their faces when they saw who was waiting for them at the end of the tunnel? Badbreast and her troops met 100  on watch soilders who quickly alerted everyone in the castle about the intruders, and before you could say snickerdoodle the whole rebel palace was all up and ready. Badbreast easily plowed through the 100 soilders on guard and made it up the elevator that went to the main hall. In the main hall The Black Witch Army had no trouble getting rid of the guards, but the dorms fillied with freshman recruits? Not so much. The 9,000 remaining enemy had spilit up into 3 groups. The head of the freshman dorms was none other than the now Col. Jessica, who had no other wish than to kill her old employer. Super Girl knew Jessica's wrath agianst badbreast was dangerous so she had Jessica potioned so she could if need be, have the strengh to kill Badbreast. Well anyway, Jessica had just been preparing the new recruits for battle, and as the 3,000 soilders of the black shore witches attempted to barge the door open. With seconds to spare, these new recruits that amounted to 1,500 dug under their bunks to grab whatever weapon they had with them at the time. Under Jessica's command, these young fighters, in nothing but their Pj's , for it was early morning, got to their feet and met the attack bravely. 15 minutes latter, the dorms were covered with blood, and even though all the 1,000 black soilders that did not die made a headrun, they did not leave without many a dead girl ( the dorms attacked were for girls age 4 - 18 ) . As she looked around at the sickning sight, Col. Jessica, for the first time in her life, cried , as she stood there caring for a 4 1/2 year old girl who had been hit in the forehead by the enemy. As she stood there, she remembered a potion to help the wounded in the dorm's first aid kit. After applying the drug to the girl's forehead, the girl started to revivie and was soon in perfect condition of health. Since they were weaker by now, and since boys fight better than girls, along with the fully better girls who Jessica gave the medicine who were able to fight, the attack on the freshman boys' dorms failed, and all 1,000 black soilders were dead. So, the  freshmen rebels left their blood filled dorms and went to go help the dorms filled with more experinced warriors, which another 3,000 black soilders had been assigned to kill and destroy. The total amount of undead freshmen was 2,500. As they went up the elevator to the upper dorms, they could not help but stare at the bloodstained carpets. Finaly they reached the fancy dorms, where Gen. Tanya was leading the girls dorm and Captain America was leading the boys one. The freshmen, boys and girls, were led to fight first for the older girls and then for the older boys. Naturaly, the black soilders in the upper dorms were better fighters than the newer recruits. As the battle raged, both sides were fighting like crazy, and they both fought well. Finally, after what felt like hours, the last Black soldier fell in the girls dorms, and Jessica and Tanya lead their armies ( Jessica was in charge of the freshaman boys and girls because the leader of the freshman boys was dead) to the boys dorm, which was barely holding out. The boys in the boys dorm were the best of the fighters except for the patrons. Patron wise, the patron over all the boys was Elisa and the Girls' patron was Super Girl. The patrons had nearby bedrooms where they slept and stayed. Badbreast had herself and her 3,000  located right on the 27th floor, and were going to open fire from above when they saw both Elisa and Super Girl. Well anyway, with the all of the girls and the freshman boys fighting together in the older boys dorm, the enemy stationed there had no chance. The dorms finaly done with, they all transported into the secret room on floor 26 where they met Elisa and Super Girl. Elisa was the one who spoke, and heres what their convo sounded like. Elisa: children of the royal house of Gargdon , Today we are fighting for the death of your longtime adverser are we not? Everyone: YES!!!! Elisa: We are gonna go out there and finish our enemy, is this understood? you have already killed 6,000 today alone can you overdo Badbreast's most dangerous men and Badbreast herself?
Everyone: YES!!!!!!!!! Elisa: Drink this potion and then go fight. Everyone: YES!!! Tanya: aren't you gonna fight ? Elisa: we will be there in a bit. Elisa: Jessica, stay here with us for a bit, destiny has chosen you to defeat Badbreast, and you need to be  prepared for her tricks. Jessica: OK. So as Elisa the rest went to fight, Super Girl armed Jessica with powers inhuman and armor used by only the most valient of the Gargdon heroes. All the while upstairs, the rebels, with Elisa as leader, were crushing the Black army, while the Black army was crushing them.  45 minutes later only 20 of Badbreast's soldiers were not dead while there were 75 not dead rebel soilders not counting Elisa and Tanya. Fast forward 15 more minutes and only badbreast was alive, but since she was superhuman, only the soilder chosen by destiny could kill her. Badbreast laughed a satanic laugh, as if she knew the out come would be. Send Up my daughter Jessica shreaked Badbreast. And Then the battle of emotions began. The only way to kill Badbreast was to hold her emotions, was what super girl said. So the battle began and heres how it went. Badbreast: So, Jessica why did you betray me? Jessica: You killed my sister!!! Badbreast: Perhaps I Did? What would it matter to you, little traitor? Jessica: Why did you kill her? Badbreast: she became a traitor like you. Jessica: I'm Gonna Kill You! Badbreast: I Suggest you not. This is your final test your character test. If you can hold back your anger for at least 25 minutes I will die, if you do not and try to kill me, you will become like me. Jessica: So you are trying to say if i hold back my anger for at least 25 minutes you will die?  Badbreast: Yes, and all the while I will torture you. This is what Super Girl has been trying to train you for, lets see if you can show if you have succeeded or failed. If you fail your mission, you and all your friends' cause will fail. Badbreast was almost sure that Jessica would fail and become just like her, but as much as she tried, 20 minutes latter, Jessica was still going strong. To Badbreast, these last five minutes were crucial, for they would decide her fate, so she decided physical torture should also be applied. 25 minutes finaly went by and what happened was shocking!!! Like a score of devils appeared singing Highway To Hell, while chaining Badbreast to fiery chains and horns formed on Miss Badbreast's head and her face turned red, and she was then thrown onto this giant fiery train's brimstone car. She could vaguely see the engineer but from his looks the engineer looked a lot like Satan. All this while , Jessica watched on and was so glad she did not kill her evil mom. All the while, another evil, even more powerful, had been breeding. Over all this fighting, there was one powerful being  that very few people knew about. A youthful, bright eyed, blonde haired, fairy named Katie could be used for good or bad. She took no sides and had no accomplices. Nobody knew her origin. Even she did not recall where she came from. She had been residing in a Victorian style home in Wet Island but had flown away to LA once the island fell. Katie had never had family, and it had a bad effect on her. She looked almost exactly like a natural girl, except she had wings and could fly. She never had any super powers at all, she was excessively powerful. How? She had on friend in Wet Island,  a brown haired boy named Jacob. Jacob (or Jake, as Katie liked to call him.) was raised in Ancient Greece, in the city state of Sparta. Somehow he had gotten sent into the future and landed on Wet Island. With no way to return, he stayed there and found  Katie. At the time they were both ten years old. Fast forward six years to the current time. Jacob had taught Katie the warfare of the Spartans Katie had mastered it all and could fight with any type of weapon in hand. From crossbow to the creation of nuclear missiles, she knew it all. This alone was a complete hazard to everyone. in these six years, Katie and Jacob had fallen in love with each other, and daily plotted on how to take over the world. Katie's motive? Considering she was the only one left in existence, Katie was tired of how everyone , even little children, thought that fairies were only in fairy tales and it was stupid to believe in them. She wanted  to show the world that they were wrong and that ONE fairy still existed, and she was not peaceful. Jacob's motive was to bring glory to the Spartans. One fateful day, Jacob told Katie to shove it and leave. He threatened to kill her with his Spartan blade. In fear, Katie flew away and hid. Well, being Jacob's accomplice was her original plan, but when he dumped her after he found a homeless Spartan girl, she had nowhere to go. So She  flew away for the first time in six years. She also had another weapon going for her that was more natural. She was extremely pretty and could easily seduce boys and men alike, to do her bidding.  She for the most part only used this power on 10-19 year old boys who were unwanted. So once she left Wet Island, she met a 17 year old boy who was completely poor and for the most part had no family around mot of the time. After 6 months of being in America, she had joined the local Pine Grove High School ,a high school that was known for most of the students being white trash and how the school campus had been ran to the ground. She managed to add her name onto the enrollment list while nobody was looking. All this time she had taken residence at the Travel Motel, where she paid $15 per night. Her little hotel room she lived in was very small, but had the necessities of home. In the far corner of the room, there was a small bathroom with no tub. the other corner had a kitchenette with a stove, mini fridge, sink, microwave, and coffee maker. All from the 1980s. All the kitchen appliances were GE. In the middle of the room, was a queen sized bed. On the wall in front of the bed was a old dresser with a 1984 Zenith color TV. and finally, by the door, there was a tiny office desk. For $53 on Craigslist, Katie bought a 1997 iMac desktop computer. she set the computer up on the hotel desk. She was not into social media, so he never had any accounts on any social media site except her blog, where she posted her plans. Her blog was restricted to anyone who was not invited to join. 2 people had permission to join. only one of them was from this world. Back in wet island, Tanya had not forgotten her former life, but in a way did not want to go back.  She knew Katie well, for even though it was not mentioned beforehand, She was the only other person that knew about the fairy's existence. She missed home but still wanted adventure. The next night she told Elisa about the fairy girl and her story and asked " Can I go back to my world and help her? And before that, can I accept this log invite she sent to her restricted log. ? " I think  it is time for you to go back home and help Katie on her mission. Use what we have taught you ok? responded Elisa. " I will! " said Tanya. Then Elisa added in. " you will have to go back to when you were 17. Since you have been forced to regress by the hands of wicked, I think you can go back 3 years of your life to help save the world from disaster, can't you? " I can Elisa." Ok Tanya, I have a plane ready to go that will land you where you need to go. Almost forgot. Katie's main way of fighting is the way of the Spartans, so the Spartan Blade might come in handy. Here's a gun as a side weapon. Ok?" Ok Elisa!" Should I pack a small amount of clothes to bring with me, or will I have clothes waiting? " Yes Tanya. And packing your phone you brought with you will also help. " Ok Elisa!" so after a bit of packing and a buncha goodbyes, Tanya was off to her world where she was to help her Fairy friend with defeating the Spartans.

Friday, July 24, 2015

behind a smile/what do I care?

Behind this smile,

i'm broken inside,

nobody hears me cry,

I keep it all inside.

Invisible bleeding,

cuts unseen,

a crazy feeling in my veins,

as I watch my life go off the rails,

of a crazy train,

A wild spirit,


I feel shot down,

when others frown,

at my failues and weaknesses.

My writings and rhymes,

are my creation,

what do I care,

if you hate em?

if I was normal,

I would  not be me,

so if you don't like that....

You can kiss my rebel ass!!!!

I don't care!

just don't give a damn!!

I want to bleed,

yet I want to succeed!

Life's a dance I am learning as I go,

I have been high ,

and low,

and everything in between.

Behind a smile,

there's so much,

theres my thoughts,

which only God can see.

I just want to be happy!