Monday, January 25, 2016

sparkling cider punch

I wanted to share my recipie for sparkling cider. It is basic and really good.


  1. Half a bottle of a 1 liter Lemon Lime soda

     2, Half a bottle of apple juice or cider

      3. a cup of lemonade

      4.As much ice as required

      5. a 1 gallon pitcher and spoon

Dump the lemon lime soda and apple juice/cider in a pitcher and stir.

Then add in a cup of lemonade, stir again.

Add ice and serve

                                           cups in the air.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy sunday! and a Drink recipie

Hello. Its a good Sunday despite the snow.... feeling happy... listening to my favorite songs and thinking about dark brown hair and a pretty female smile. Can't wait for the dance I'm going to in February. I made a new drink also.  Heres the recipie:

2/3 lemon juice

1/3 lime juice

a cup of sugar

1 quart of water,

a lime, for more lime juice and garnishing. (optional)

Mix that all together in a pitcher or cocktail shaker .

after that, add in any type of lemon lime soda. Preferably Mountain Dew, Sprite, or Mellow Yellow.

pour it in a glass and drink up.

This drink goes best when listening to EDM or Club music.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I get in bed,

But I can't sleep,

Screw counting sheep!

You are on my mind,

all the time,

I turn on my radio ,

To hear that country sound,

Something that hurts,

That will make your memory gone,

a sad song plays,

I think of days,

Where it was you and me,

On the bleechers,

At that old football  field,

Watching our team,

And you keeping me from bleeding,

It all seems like a dream,

But tonight I have had enough,

And point this knife at my throat,

And with that said,

I fell down,

Bloody and dead,

But at rest.

Monday, January 11, 2016

writing prompt

It was friday night, and Jullie had just finished her homework. “ What should I do tonight? There’s a party going down at Old McDonald’s farm and he makes the best ‘Shine in the state of North Carolina.  but at the same time there’s a movie on. I could hold a drag race. that’s It! I will hold a drag race around the dirt road that goes on for miles and It will be fun.” That said, Jullie called up her boyfriend, Jack and her best friend , Kelsey. Kelsey brought her boyfriend, Daniel. Kelsey called up Ellie and Ellie also brought her boyfriend David.
Kelsey and Daniel came up in a souped up 1999 Chevy Silverado. “ I am gonna beat you all big time” Daniel boasted. “ Heck no! We will beat your piece of junk any day!” Ellie said from behind the wheel of her 1975 Ford Mustang. Jullie and Jack silently got into their 1980 Plymouth Road Runner. The race was on. Halfway through the race, they were all neck to neck, trying to pass each other going as fast as they could. By now Jullie and Jack’s Roadrunner was  further along than anybody else. Nobody noticed that Ellie and David were missing. At the final bend the Road Runner and Silverado were head to head, when Jullie’s Roadrunner smashed into the back of Daniel’s Silverado. “ Ellie had seen the crash coming and her mind was saying.” You have 3 seconds to make your final decision. Will you opt out or not?” She decided not to. When the two cars colided all four teens instantly were killed.All her life Ellie had been lawless so after seeing this, she and her rebel boyfriend took a Sig Sauer Mosquito put it to their heads, and killed each other.

A poem about awareness of domestic violence in the family

They smiled,

Fake young smiles,

Of 2 siblings  who felt despised,

Nothing is good enough,

That's what they said,

Knowing what they wanted was death,

The plan was made and ready to go,

They closed their eyes,

The little girl was scared ,

Yet she knew what to do,

"Jesus forgive them!" ,

She cried, 

Her 8 year old brother,

Held her in his arms, 

And with that , the girl took a match,

And the house caught on fire, 

They were tired of their parrents ,

And the way they were treated, 

But the 2 were strong , and did what they did.

15 minutes before their drunken dad,

Was beating the girl,

Her brother got fighting mad, 

Grabbed a loaded Colt .45, 

And shot him to death.

With no clue what to do,

They both went to the furthest room,

Then with a lighter, they caught it on fire.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

my first video recording : )

                                                   I'm gonna try to do more...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Final day at the moutains

It was such a fun trip, but we had to leave. And leave we did on new years eve. On the way home we made our annual trip to Chimney Rock ... Heres some awesome pictures of it,,

                                             the view...

                                                      This area is called The Drama Box. It is a cavern carved out part of
                                                      Chimney Rock....

                                                            Finally it was time for lunch, so we stopped at a local place called Laura's House.

We ate at this table.....
We stopped at a rest stop on the way home and I found this interesting vending machine
The Health Foods Vending Machine!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Gingerbread Things!

These are the Gingerbread marvels from the Grove Park Inn


mountain vacation part three

The next day we went to The Grove Park Inn to see a gingerbread display. I ended up liking and taking more images of the grove park inn than the display! Here's what the Grove Park Inn looked like:

after that, we went to chimney rock, n.c. and got some sodas at the general store
this was the final night of our vacation. I could not sleep and was depressed. I decided to make multiple floats


mountain vacation part two

so... the next day we went hiking up a mountain trail that was called Buffalo Creek. We walked mile after mile on a trail that seemed to last forever that went to the top of this mountain.  The trails were this winding path of dirt trenches . It reminded me of Grandfather Mountain. I was faster then everyone and got lost. some of the trail sections intersected and that became a a issue.

                                                        I'm the king of the mountain!

Mountain vacation part one

well, over Christmas break I went to the Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure, N.C. After what seemed a hundred decades ... we finally arrived.

                                                    me and my sis on the drive there  : )


                                           when we finally got there we got a tornado warning!
Here's the house:
this was the main room in the basement,
it was also my lodgings
                                                       heres more room pictures