Sunday, December 22, 2019

What i've learned these last few weeks ....

Hi readers! I've learned a lot this month i've as my dad says " got the plague "  for the first time in like 3 years and in essence, almost went insane. But during this time, which finally ended a few days ago, I guess God taught me some things

It turns out that it is a really good skill to have, and I don't know if you are like me, but it is really hard to have patience when things seem like they are taking forever. With God's help and a bit of encouragement, it is able to somehow be able to learn to be patient. Sitting on the bathroom floor sick and with a sick body for nearly 12 days can be learning the hard way. Whether it is waiting on dinner at a cafe, or for a church service to finally end, remember to not get too hasty or else it will just make you feel worse.   

It also ended up a little learning about gratitude and being grateful for what even when in misery,
have. Basic things like support and people caring about you, that things could be so much worse but they are not as horrible as they indeed could be. No matter the situation, there is always something to be grateful for, in every situation a person goes through. So, even when it's so difficult, it's best to try to use it.

Trust God always, even through the hard times. He is indeed there, even while you are hurting, He is there. Others can be busy, even if they care, leaving you alone on the coach coughing like crazy to the point your body is shaking, all the while nervous that you'll lose your job due to how many sick days that you had to call in, and if you will be able to make it to take that final exam. No matter how hard it can be, trusting God and that he will help you is critical, in any situation.

How about you guys, has there ever been a situation that has left you feeling horrible like nothing will ever get better, and all hope is gone? be free to discuss in the comment section below. I would like to hear y'all's thoughts.