Thursday, January 12, 2017

The final days

It is the final days,

Of the very way ,

I have known things,

It's not that long,

Till it is all over,

And I won't have to see her,

The final finish line,

It is in sight,

I think I see the light! : )

Friday, January 6, 2017

the iron curtian dividing America.

Throghout last year i felt like a iron curtain like the one that Churchill described when referring to the USSR in 1946, it is not the same though cause it is made up of a divided nation on the verge of civil war unless change is made. Chaos has struck America as we fight over what guns we can shoot and why we can't be who we want to be. I am upset and am doing this article to show my opinion. Both racial profiling and race baiting has been a issue along with racism cases, many which had been proven as the police justifiably shooting someone because the person was a armed criminal who was a danger. Morally america is a disaster, with people who get sued for keeping the law and disregard of the constitution, and most of all, disregarding God's law. As Americans if we can't get along I see no choice in the future but another war between the states. Christianity is targeted as a form of discrimination by people who discriminate openly against Christians. This is insane and something has to be done. as Americans the start we can make is not turn against each other. Freedom is never one generation away from extinction according to Ronald Regan. If we hate each other we will not stand as a nation. Please Americans lets stand under one flag. I don't care about your race, age, gender, etc. There is no excuse for violence and hate. The result of us disagreeing is the district courts, courts of appeals,small claims courts, state suprime courts, and the Suprime Court  trying to solve our problems by lawsuits and trials. If we give the government all our problems we are treating ourselves like we are the government's slaves. I urge as Americans to get along and not fight over political issues to the point we all hate  each other and don't make the government get involved with everything under the sun. the more the government gets involved in a divided  nation the more we become like big babies. Lets take America back and not let us fall apart on each other and don't have all our solutions be turn to the gov't. We are AMERICA not the USSR.