Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dreams, Schemes, and Loneliness.

High school is getting better. I've met some girls, ad sit be awesome people in class. Finally met a girl who likes books and is not a sports fan. Freshmen are so loud!!!! They always seem to make a buncha noise. I still am always alone at lunch, but hey! What does that matter? We had a extended weekend because Monday was a teacher workday. I am glad to be back at school. My birthday is in less than a week. I plan on inviting a certain someone after a high school football game to come over about 11:30 to the max of 4:00 A.M. to come over and dance the night away. If she comes she can leave whenever she wants. Well, hope y'all  have a good day. High school is a hell-of-a-life.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm scared I'm gonna die.

I have had this fear since day one at school someone was gonna attack/kill me . I still think i'm gonna be killed. I'm getting a gun the day I am oldenough. I wanna gun now. I don't wanna harm anyone but if someone tries to attack me at home I don't wanna die young.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday songs #1

Hi y'all! i'm doing a new series of blog posts called Sunday Songs. Each day I will post/upload a " Christian' song or music video onto my blog. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How my weak has gone

It has gone horrid! False accusations have ssent me to the office on Friday. However, my grades are awesome! ( yay!) My sister has been a violent little brat for most of the day and that is NOT good! We ate Chinese food and it has made me feel sick : ( bye for now

Sunday, October 12, 2014

sunday thoughts

I could not sleep last nite.
i should have gone to bed but I had beet doin my thing past midnight.
i couldn't get this brown haired girl out of my mind.
As the music played and the hours passed I started to have lost my right mind.
I started thinking and acting without judggement. Said things to a chick from my school via texts that I would have never said if I was in a non twisted state of mind. past those texts I can't remember what I did. overall I got retarded.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

awesome blog!


how my life has been/ classroom.

it's interesting. I have very few friends but i'm still happy I have some friends. I'm getting use to the rejection I get from our church. For the science fair i'm working on my experiment on hydroelectricity. It's gonna be awesome. Third Period is still like a jungle. Theres a latino girl in that class who might like me. I wrote this poem as a ode to my classes at Eastern:

                                                   The Classroom.

This place called a classroom, 

Is where I am,

Listening to this thinggy called a teacher,

Who keeps on preaching ,

The word's the rocks cry out,

In the table across from me there is a 

latino princess who is out of her mind,

wanting to be at the wild side,

look across the room and you will see,

a football obsessed evil goblin, 

who is pissed of at everybody,

we've got black bodied monsters, 

always after everybody,

and blonde haired enchantresses, 

enchanting timelords like me.

So  here I am, on this mission of mine,

to seek out wisdom from learning all the while, 

the final destany at the end, is a light out these classrooms, as I head to collage.

Brad Paisley - Perefect storm ( First audio music video i've done)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trace Adkins-Every Light In The House Is On

Love this song. Was singing it to one of the girls at school and overall in my case I leave the lights on in case she feels depressed and wants someone to talk to late night.

Girls ( a poem)

Them Girls ,

They make me smile,

Them girls,

They make me high,

Them girls,

They will love you till you're green,

Them girls, are so warm and soft,

They love to steal my heart,

And tear it all apart,

Them girls.