Monday, July 30, 2018

Movin' on.

Amy laid on her bed,

in a Old, 1960s, motel,

A lot had gone wrong at home,

It was time to be movin' on.

She had waited for this day,

Waited for so so long,

But now it was night one,

And she had no clue where to go,

Yet it was time to move on,

Flashbacks of what had left her on the run,

They came rushing back.

That sister who lost it,

That final episode,

That made Amy save up to leave,

Cause it was time to move on,

How the rapidly tossed her luggage and rifle into the truck,

Then she just rode off.

It was time to move on,

So she got off the motel bed,

And dialed the number of a old friend,

Explaing why she had to run,

And the secret they would hold,

Even as she was movin' on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Sometimes things get hard,

And nobody knows,

Except God.

It won't go away,

But you have dealt with it so long,

Yet even now it is still hard,

But Jesus came to save us all,

And he has made those are his,

know they don't need to be gone,

So God help us hold on,

Hold on,

Hold On.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Lord please help.

Lord please help her,

save her from herself,

Jesus she does not understand herself,

And it is destroying me,

The path she is going on.

That she is so sick,

It is not easy for her to see right or wrong.

Help ME lord!

Help me treat her the way I should,

And not get all mad,

Make me a influence to her,

And one that is good,

At her very worst,

There is a unhappy person underneath it all,

And give that girl underneath the mask joy. 

Healing Lord,

Please bring healing. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Sometimes we really need help,

Even if you deny you need it,

As Everything falls to pieces,

even as you think that nobody cares,

someone walks right there ,

She starts asking you what is wrong?

Reluctantly, down go the walls,

like a old Vegas Casino,

they implode on your past,

That one smile changed everything,

And now you sit here smiling,

thinking of Everything God has provided you with,

and knowing He cares and created people who care.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

broken dreams

Your dreams are shattered,

And it all don't make no sense,

So you cry out " God, where have you been?",

Inside you know He has been there all the time,

And even has a plan for you,

But at the moment it still hurts.

You feel emotionless and dead inside,

But Jesus will bring you back to life!

The pain may sting till you die,

And that diagnosis may make you cry at times,

But fight, just fight, even if it ain't alright.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

losing it.... when you let your emotions destroy others

Ok... so how do i put this.

I lost a good blogger friend recantly because my content was too dark.

It hurt me a lot !

My problem, is i let my emotions hurt others

and I don't think about the effects it may have on others. Now because of all this i am in pain.

I guess my point is for anyone who reads my blog, don't let your emotions effect your blog content or

else it may indeed hurt others and cause a negative effect in your life, and don't stick with making

only 1 - 2 blogger frieends to support ya and give their opinion on your content via comments.

And for anybody who reads my blog, I promise i will try to make things less dark so they don't hurt

you. Well,  that's all  have to say! God bless!