Saturday, September 22, 2018

pushing forward!

Pushing forward,

Even when it is hard,

Feeling the winds of change,

Just blow at my face,

Looking in the mirror,

Who is that dirty mess?

Is that me?

My mind is flying,

The Hypermania makes me feel,

feel like I am flying in the sky,

Free Falling into the ground,

Then pushing forward,

My body and mind are working better,

I just want to bere with you here,,,

------  disclaimer: If this sounds like something someone would write while on drugs due to its incoherent nature. I missed a dose of my Bipolar meds so I am kinda unable to write anything that is coherent . I just felt Like I needed to write something down.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Taking over me

It wants to take over me,

I feel it moving right in,

It is trying to get under my skin,

and into my veins,

Lord don't let it take over me!

Help me fight tonight,

And make it again,

Help me not to fail,

and for it to go back out,

right where it came from.

It may want to take over me,

but with God's help,

That will never be!!!