Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I hate football.

She hates it too. Yet she decided I was not worth it and choose football player over me. A football player who is best friends with my arch enemy, who is a coward who depends soley on others and has big powerfull friends who could beat the heck outta me. Because of this, my arch enemy is powerful and you ether become friends with him or he harasses you. Thats how he gained power. By a system of violence. Kinda like the Atezc rullers, you get slaughtered if you don't surrender or you surender and have peace as long as you pay tribute.

Aztec Sacrifical cerimony 

anyways Shes become a tribute in a way.  It is sickening. Yes. If they hurt her somebody's damned. I'll take him on myself and if his big buddies come round all call up mine to back me up. They will back me up. I'll strike the main target cause he is weak. I'll fight him if need be to protect her. This is only if she needs me to save her. As Trace Adkins sings: " You've Got to Whoop a man's ass sometimes" . Anyways, I hope to eventually end the high school Reign Of Terror and it will end under these flags 

Let freedom win !!!