Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crime With A babyish Punishment

meanwhile , while Jason Elisa Tanya, and their companions were looking for Emily, on the other side of the country in South Texas ( Texas had been divided into North and South Texas. ) 2 girls named Haley and Bailey, along with their cousin Jasmine, were fighting the Black Army. Their armies had previously fought and Jasmine, Haley, and Bailey had established The Republic, which was made up of  Florida, Alabama, South Texas and Georgia. The newly founded Republic was created after The Dark Side started taking over city after city. For the most part, The Republic was the opposite of the gang run dictatorship the rest of what was America had became. The problem was the fact their millitary branches were small. Anyways, Jasmine was the president of the newly founded nation. Meanwhile, Bailey and Hailey had decided to keep in the fight to protect The Republic and beat the enemy. Well, Katie had went with Super Girl to help Bailey and Haley's forces fight The Dark Side in North Carolina.
     " Thank God you came! These gang armies are so strong and nearly overpowering us. 2 weeks ago Fort Bragg fell to The Dark Side, making a large gang army presence here, and a stronghold for the enemy. Gangs roam the streets and it is dangerous to go outside at night. We need you two's help badly to remove North Carolina from the Dark Side and kill off their so called governor, who goes by the name Brutus. " Said Bailey to Katie. Then she continued by explaining the issues in the battles
   . " We have a limited supply of ammunition and their arms are superior to ours. For the current time we need to retreat to our secret underground tunnel system. Also, our air force is a nightmare. Made up of 500 planes an 50 supply planes, we are very small compared to the 5,000 being used by the enemy, not counting captured planes. We can continue to give the details tomorrow. For now let's  retreat back to our quarters." With that, Bailey, Katie, Haley, and Super Girl went to the base.

       The  plane reached Las Vegas. " How will we land this plane without being inspected by the gang controlled air base. They are bound to arrest us if they find our identity." Elisa said. " Then what will we do? " Elisa answered Jason's question by saying " We will park in the forrest. A Shell gas station run by a friend of mine is nearby and he has a truck ready for us. " Ok" Lydia responded.
       Fifteen minutes after landing they were on their way to the gas station. Inside the gas station a ambush had been planned and they had no clue. The owner, Donnie, had been taken hostage by the enemy as the local gang, The Devil's Advocates, were looting the store. " Let me free! And stop making a mess! " Old Donnie said. His pleas fell on  deaf ears. He had no way of warning Jason and the rest about this because his phone had been confiscated. " This is so fun! Seeing these good people suffer so dearly after resisting. " said one thug, while eating a hot dog. " Stop being a idiot and lets empty this place and get ready to kill." Saidn a second thung. Thug 1 agreed.