Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When you nearly lose your life...

I got into a wreck a few days ago when my Buddy 50cc Moped hit a silver car.

Well, I had just left the coffee shop and was in no state to be on the road. My anti mania meds were not in effect and I had too much caffeine in my body. I thoughtlessly drove at dangerous speed down a residential road and tried to bypass a car. The car turned right as I was side by side, and I got hit. Flew into the air. My moped was on one side of the road while  I was lying and heavily bleeding everywhere on the road. Thank God I managed to get back on my feet and get home even as I continued to loose blood. The wound on my arm has been healing and I am getting better but it is just a reminder on how short life can be and the costs of unsafe driving. One small factor changed in the wreck and I could have been dead at the spot. I was the only person injured. Guys, God could take you away any day, you never know if you will get into a crash and die or something could kill you. When you get into near death issues on the road it can change the way you think.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

why am I alive?

Often I wish i was never born cause then i would not have to deal with all this pain but I am alive. God gave me this pain for a reason I guess but it is really hard to bear  some days. Often i don't feel wanted. I wish I was not so ugly. Yet at the same time if i was different than who I am, I honestly doubt i would know myself. My disability can be a pain at times and causes much emotional pain.. But God uses such circumstances like mine for His glory.

I will use the gifts God gave me to fight the best I can. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

rescue from death.....

Rescued from death ,

Saved by God,

Jesus  saved me,

Though the invisible scars,

They will be never be healed,

But Jesus saved me through the blood he gave,

His death and resurrection,

It has revived my soul.

Why should I die,

When Jesus is on my side?

Why should I self harm,

When God's love is in my heart?