Monday, March 5, 2018

All these people! ( poetry.)

All these people,

We all see,

When we look around,

All those souls,

lost and need to be found,

And what are we doing?

We are just sitting in our homes,

Where we feel a false sense

of out of home satisfaction,

While the unsaved druggie ,

Hopeless and alone,

Is on the street snorting crack,

The disabled vet,

He is living a living hell,

with having PTSD.

And what do we do?

The lesbian who don't,

what is true love,

and is told she can't change,

Will we kick her out of church,

And tell her she can never be forgiven?

What do we do?

How will we deal with

Those who are disturbed and unsaved?

Do we let them rot in hell?

Or will we share the Gospel,

and pray God uses us ,

to save them from eternal condemnation.


* I wrote this to wake up fellow Christians from
bad and close to sinful ways to reach unsaved.

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