Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I'm back!

 Hi to anybody who still follows this blog still. I just wanted to announce the news ... after over 1 year and 

a lot of thought I decided ... I'M BACK!!! I don't know where this blog will go from here and I hope you 

guys who never unfollowed me will stay around, cause Timeislove is back in business! I hope to make 

better quality posts and posts each month. So stay tuned, if you are still here. I am indeed back in business. 

IF you could leave feedback on what you might want to see please let me know. - Evan W. 


  1. Hi Evan! Glad to see you back.

    1. Thnaks Lanie. I'm gonna try to schedule which days I post monthly and put them down in my planner so I know when i'll be posting.