Saturday, March 31, 2018

Run with me! (poem.)

Take my hand,

Run away with me,

Leave this town,

Your family,

and your ex,

And let's go to where things are best,

Will you come with me?

Up north to Wyoming,

Or down to Texas?

Whatever happens,

Will you go with me?

To the ends of the seas?


  1. This was so sweet - well done.


    1. Thanks Briana! I decided to take a break from my fairly sad stuff

    2. Yeah, life is sad, but we need happiness too.

    3. The gal I have in mind as I wrote this was actually not someone I loved in a Romantic sense. She is almost like a older sister in a way. So I dedicated this poem Kinda to the older sister I never biologically have had. She’s only a few year older than me but Is further along in life . And her mind is not broken