Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The End is Near ( I can't escape the past!)

The end is near,

Angels I hear sing,

As I lay here dying,

Tell them all I tried,

But it was not enough,

I was just too messed up,

I couldn't feel love,

And it hurt so bad,

Such things Feel,

As I am dying inside,

Nobody saw the invisible scars,

Or knows I am collapsing,

But I know I must get up,

Must live another day,

So nobody feels my pain,

I have a good heart that has been trashed,

Like the locket I gave her,

I have been smashed,

Now all I hear is my past,

When I should not look back,

Cause the past,

That is what's killing me....


  1. EVAN! This is so scary, are you okay?? Is this about your friend?
    TALK TO ME. Don't hurt yourself, okay? You're worth so much more than that, Evan.
    I'll be praying for you. Remember that God loves you and he is always with you.

    1. I'm ok! It's poetry that's all

    2. Whew! Dude, you scared me so much. I'm glad you're okay, I'll still keep you in my prayers.

    3. I'm a little out of it because I am out of my medications dr. Has me on and have not got the refill yet. I didn't see this as different as much of the rest of my poetry . And yes I am hurting s bit but I can fight and WILL survive. I write poetry as a coping mechanism to KEEP myself from self harm. So dark poetry like this is related to personal battles . I'm ok though cause I always make it out Alive

    4. Oh yes , nice profile picture

    5. You're so brave. I hope it gets better soon, life has its ups and downs.

      Oh, and thanks. :)