Monday, July 4, 2016

Purposeful Pages Link Up

Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.



                          Answer to question 1. Romans 7;15. I can relate to what that verse so much because of the fact I also do not know why I do what I do

Question 2:The Guns Of The South

Question 3: I want to run better and faster this month

Question 4:I changed the layot of my blog a bit, delete some pages, and edited the about me section.

Question 5: the latest chapter i had posted .

Question 6: " We are here to help you." The girl said

Question 7:David. Because he suffered and had depression issues

Question 8: N/A

Question 9: I have learned certain was to attract more bloggers.

Question 10: Katie, from my own book. I don't know exactly what i'd do.



  1. Thank you for participating, Evan!

  2. What do you think of my blog? Have you gone through it? Do you like it? Is it worth following? Did you read my story? ( More updates coming)