Saturday, May 20, 2017

Brave New World

 Life changes and so do I I guess. College is about to start and It is exciting, yet I am going to miss those I left behind.

I hold what I have learned in my heart even when it hurts. Cause it can hurt at times.

However, in this Brave New World I am entering, New challenges await.

Just like a 10k trail there are curves on the way to the finish line, yet each one makes me stronger.

I thank God for all he has given me and the strength eh has provided me all these years.

So while the pain may be there I will keep ahead just like I do at every race.


  1. Best wishes! And remember that God is always with you!!

  2. Keep pushing forward and never give up, Evan! God is always right beside you. :)

  3. That's a great analogy, Evan - life is like a cross-country race. We get tired, and get second winds, and meet friends (well I wasn't a serious runner, so I talked to people, but probably serious runners don't chat! xD). And we don't know what's around the next bend.

    It's so exciting that you're going to college! Congratulations and best wishes. :)