Friday, May 19, 2017

Through the pain

Through the pain I've learned so much,

It stung and it burnt but the lessons won't be forget,

Those who came and those who left ,

And my past and what I am ,

Through the burns I've felt the emotion,

That nobody should have to feel,

The Invisable scars are bleeding,

But nobody can see,

Only Jesus knows what I am going thru,

And how I feel so much pain,

The lessons I've learned through it......


  1. Jesus can see your invisible scars even if we can't, Evan, and He understands! He is truly an amazing and loving Savior... He suffered rejection, scorn, and betrayal by those He loved; He understands your invisible pain!

    How are you? I hope today is a good day!

    (please tell me the knife is for secret cheese snacks? :( please don't cut, Evan!)

  2. Evan, you seem like such a great person, and I know that God and your family loves you. Please remember that! Stay strong, fellow Christian!

    1. yes. A bit about me if it interests you: I have ASD, AS, Bipolar Disorder, and ADD. I also am a runner. I have ran in both teams and as a indie. In High School I ran 2 seasons of Srping Track, 2 of Winter Track, and 2 XC ( Cross Country.) seasons. Since I graduated early I have ran independently but have only recently joined a out of high school team called Ainsley's Angels. On moday I start College.

    2. It does interest me! And if you don't mind me asking; were you born with those disorders or did you go through something traumatic? I have friends who went through something traumatic and harmful, and others who were just born that way.
      And you're a runner? That's so cool! My mom and one of my friends is, and they've tried to get me into it, but I just don't like it like they do.
      So you start college tomorrow? I'm still three years away from being a senior, so I haven't given it much thought. What are you majoring in?

    3. Nobody knows the origin of Aspergers (AS) and Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD.) I've never known where I inherited that cause my family has no genetic history related to autism or Aspergers . My grandpa has ADD so I may have genetically inherited that and I know I genetically inherited Bipolar Disorder because theres a very long family history of it plaguing my mom's side of the family.

    4. And the plan is to get a Associates Degree in Horticulture at Alamance Community College.

  3. Jesus is always with you Evan. Even when people can't be. I hope you have a good day, friend :)