Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Queen's Suicide

the nation cries,

as the funeral proceeds,

dead is their queen,

She was loved by her people ,

but nobody knew,

about the fight within her,

Since she was a girl they were hurting her,

it was hard to understand,

cause they always came and went,

Through her royal glory ,

She hid the gunshot on her arm,

Told them all that she had been shot.

Many a man chased after her,

but she would not allow them in,

Every night she prayed to God,

for help to make it through another day,

As daily the depression got worse,

It ran like a drug through her  veins.

They kept calling her a cr**r, a sl*t, and a ret*rd,

and a year after her coronation,

she was only 24 years old,

yet it got out of her control one night,

In a crazy depression episode,

she went to her room,

and as the music played ,

and the guests in the ball room,

were partying on,

Nobody noticed her presence was gone.

Enough!  Queen Amy cried,

And with that she pulled a revolver from her dresser drawer,

 with tears in her eyes and no hope left,

She pulled the trigger and was dead,

Amy was finally at peace ,

And even after her suicide nobody understood,

Cause of the ignorance that haunts this world.


  1. Good poem, Evan. Was that for school? BTW, how is school going for you?

    1. No this was not school work . I Am on week 2 of college ( I'm taking some summer classes at college.) and the first class is ok but the second class not so much

    2. Oh, what career are you pursuing in collage? Did you graduate early? Hope it goes well.

    3. I graduated early . And I'm doing a Horticulture program which is mostly hands on work and not much textbook

  2. This is really good. I like the symbolism vibe I got from it. No one should ever be bullied or shamed, even people with the most power have feelings.

  3. Wow, good poem Evan. What a good lesson for all of us.