Friday, October 28, 2016

crime with a babyish punishment

. “ Kellie went back to the farmer and said  “ We can and will take your offer. How many people  are still here? “500 good folks have stayed to keep their home alive. I know we need to make plans, but firstly, you girls  need food, weapons,  and clothes.  I don’t know how one of you ended up in such horrid clothing conditions but you will need new clothing. Unfortunatlly, we have no military clothing so you will have to wear my wife’s dresses. I will work on getting the old truck fixed for y’all to use safely. We have a cellar you can live in as your own home. It is safest for you to live underground. I promise that once they know heroes are here ,  our neighbors will donate furniture and equipment to your new home. “  Thank you sir! You are so kind for letting us live here for awhile till you can leave and our town is safe. The train you blew up is the only train on this route and that said, nobody will know about it for awhile if we destroy everything they have, but watch out. The danger is up north 40 miles away, a town that is much larger and is 100% controlled by the enemy. They even have a small fort run by the dark side. The reason they gave up and surrendered to evil because they were weak at heart. We never gave up, they just took over and left us pretty much when we did not produce enough for them. That’s where you girls come it. Help us defeat the thugs up north who supsoedly have been making plans to destroy within 6 months. Train us how to properly use weapons and if you can, help us make new weapons. A old gun manufacturing plant is right outside of town. If 50 people are willing to be employed there and you can show them what to do, our weapons will be more powerful and more effective for fighting. Tomorrow our friends will help you, but first tonight, we will kill the three men taking guard at the outpost. Once they are gone the town is safe for awhile.  The farmer said. The girls had a fresh dinner of eggs and cornbread. “ Yum!” Exclaimed the very hungry Kellie. “ So when will we take them by surprise?” asked Katlyn, now in  a white sundress, completely opposite to her normal army clothing. She and Kellie had been given shotguns to replace what they had been using that was no longer effective due to lack of ammunition. “ In 30 minutes be ready to kill. My wife, Penny, will be joining us along with my son, Jordan. Together they will die. My Remington 870 has never failed me and will not tonight. Out came his wife, who said nothing but had a smile of hope. Jordan was strong and smart enough to have trained himself on how to use a AK-47. As they left the house to confront the wicked he said to  Katlyn, “ You are pretty dad gum strong. I knew  your brother. He was a good guy.  I heard you were just as good a shot as him and tonight I hope that will prove to be true. “ With a shy smile kaatlyn said “ Thanks, Jordan.” They arrived at the out post, where the three men were surprised. Guns pointed they started firing. But the girls and their new friends were smart. They dodged the bullets. It was fairly easy to kill all three, Going home they locked the door, and just like everyone else in town, went to bed. After they got home all went to bed, except Katlyn and Jordan, who sat in the kitchen. By nature, Jordan was a good cook and since both him and Katlyn were not tired, he made some pancakes. After they were done Jordan made a smiley face with syrup he put on Katlyn’s pancakes. “ What do you think of my cooking on a scale of one to ten? Good, or bad?” asked Jordan. “ These are the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted Jordan! And I love the smiley face. Also thanks for the coffee.” Katlyn explained. “ There’s something I need to tell you that nobody else knows. I have suspected within our town we have a spy. I have told my dad also. He will probably tell you more about the spy and what we know tomorrow. I just wanted you to be careful. What I am asking you is this, will you be a spy? Nobody needs to know  this offer, not even my father who I truly respect, but I don’t think  he would consider  this a priority. I will track down the spy if you help the town by being a spy. Your missions will be late night. We can talk more about it tomorrow, just don’t tell a soul so the idea does not get out to anyone. I am the most technology advanced person in this town and am a computer genious. Will you help  the town? “ Yes.” Katlyn replied. “ Well for tonight we best retire. I will lead you to your living space and if you would like I will stay with you. Would You Be Ok with that, Katlyn? “ Yes” she replied. Tired and exhausted, they completely fell asleep. Hey Kellie and Katlyn and… Jordan? Wake up. A new day is here and cinnamon rolls are coming out of the oven. Today is moving day, and your new living space will be set up. While we get it ready, Jordan, will you take Kellie and Katlyn down town to meet the townsfolk?

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