Friday, October 28, 2016

Crime With A Babyish punishment

 Meanwhile in the other side of the country, right on the Nevada – South Dakota border, Mary Annie, Jason, Lydia, Tanya, and the rest of their company were in a stolen Jeep on the way to Rapid City, South Dakota. “ So, we are looking in rapid City for the enemy . There is supposedly somebody with information there about Emily and we as a group have been assigned to fight for control of the plains. So are you ready? Jason loaded his shotgun and said “ Ready for anything. Let’s now head for that hotel where the headquarters for our side’s army is located. “ Into the town they rode and the sight they saw was devastating. Bodies were everywhere, and everything was burnt. “Oh my gosh! What the heck is happening? It looks like a bonfire!” A girl came out of a little house and from the rubble, she smiled. “ Emily!!” Jason cried! “ I see you all have not forgotten me, and the abductees forgot about me. Everyone else is dead. There is nothing left here. We can search for any remaining supplies and for any clues on where the heck Kelsey and all the other loons who ran this town to the ground are. The whole state is in ruins and the governor has been assassinated for resisting according to the empire run CVS news. It is pretty much run by nobody at this point. There’s no government and The Dark side saw the whole state as wasteland that they left to rot. Thus, the whole state has become a stronghold. There is some of the enemy in the state though. It was said that a train line run by the Dark Side. There are multiple mini cities the enemy has created though, in the middle of nowhere but still they have built small cities. We should go help fight the enemy a drive them out of South Dakota. “ A day latter they were on the way to the closest stronghold.

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