Friday, October 28, 2016

crime with a babyish punishment

. Upset at everything, Kellie watched the thug’s crimes. Katlyn had been dragged to the back car. Essentally they were prisioners on a train, but the thug was stupid and tied the ropes very badly. With much effort, Kellie untied the ropes around her wrists. Next thing she needed to do is save Katlyn before it was too late. With nothing but the thug’s pistol he left behind, she started looking through the cars. “ Where is Katlyn?” she asked herself.. Looked through all the cars,  she knew the one place Katlyn must be. She walked torwards the caboose. The door was locked and the freak was busy getting out waht looked like gasoline. Thoughtlessly She shot the door open and ran in. The thug said : “ Look what we have here. Another rpincess to slay.” Before he could say anything a bullet went straight through his skull. Unofrturnatly, the bomb he had set off had 30 seconds left before the whole train exploded. With Hury and great speed Kellie took Katlyn by the hand and said “ Jump! “ Katlyn said “ Let me get the gun right beside me.” Five  seconds left. With gun in hand and a coat Katlyn grabbed so she would not be naked, the 2 girls jumped. They landed and to the ground and ran to a distance just in time. The train blew up in flames! “ What next Kellie? All we have left is 2 guns low on ammunition and I am only wearing a very uncomfortable and unsafe coat. We are off track, and have no direction. “ Don’t worry Katlyn. I have a bit of food in my coat and there’s a old Ford F-150 over there. Let’s see if it will operate. If it does it is better than nothing. And good job grabbing something to wear, clothes are important. The keys had been left in the car and as they looked inside the truck for the keys, a old farmer said: “ Hey! Get out of my truck you theifs! I am tired of people from the dark side invading this town. So surrender or I will shoot! Strangly though, you don’t look like the enemy..” We aren’t sir. A train going this way we had been hiding in it . We are from the good side, and the dark side found us as stowaways and tried to kill us. My brother died but we managed to kill all five of them. Before my broth died he killed 4 of them and we delt with the fifth. Now we are looking for help, and thought this truck was abandoned just like everything else in this town looks like. “ Katlyn responded. Then the farmer replyed saying “ The enemy has invaded our small town and taken control as a outpost for reasources. Due to new lands, they  barely stop by anymore but we are forced to lodge them or get killed. Our crops are poor and we are pretty much burnt to the ground. They rarely stop here. If you could save our town from destruction we will gladly help you get on your feet, starting with giving you my truck. So are you in for it? You need reasources and clothes. We can help you. Just protect us by raising a decant and well armed army to protect ourselves then defeat the guarded outpost. “ With a bit of tought Kellie said: “ We will have to alert Katie about our situation and ask her. It will take a few minutes to send her a message only she would understand. “ Ok!” The farmer said. A few minutes latter Katie replied saying “ For pete’s sake! If you are stranded and in a position to help these poor people defeat the enemy help them. Save the folks and kill the enemy. And I’m really upset with the news those thugs shot aand kill Katlyn’s older brother. How dare they! Well, help these people they need it badly

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