Friday, October 28, 2016

Crime With a Babyish Punishment

. “  Back on the train,, Kellie was no longer worried much and laid back, yet quiet. Somehow, nobody had detected their existence. “ nobody thinks about anyone riding in train cars any more these days, so we should be safe.” The confederate girl said, as her twin brother rubbed against Kellie’s body. It was freezing cold and they were all in their winter clothes. It was so cold, and Kellie didn’t mind the soilder who was protecting her to mess with her warm body. “ I want something to drink other than this firewater and our limited water supply. “ said the confederate boy. “ I have a solution for the issue, even though it is kind of gross. I can breast feed both of you if you  want to drink breast milk, It may work.” The girl said. Everrybody declined. “ We are an estimated 26 hours away from our stop where the 22nd North Carolina will await us, from there we will head to a fort called Fort Johnson which I got a telegram saying it was under attack and our powers are needed. However, before we arrive, Kellie, Me and my sister must quckly teach you how to use a Springfield rifle, the weapon you, me, my sister, and the rest of the 22nd North Carolina have. They have been given special and dangerous “upgrades.” When we came back from the dead. So considering that… Just then a man from the train broke out and smashed open the doors to the boxcar. “ We have been spotted! You don’t know how to use these rifles so use my sister’s pistol. The confederate boy said.”  Sure enough the man on the train checking cargo yelled “Stowaway!” 5 men  rushed to the boxcar’s door, to find their comrade dead. Bullets started to shoot out, Gunfire was everywhere. As the men assailed them, the Confederate boy said : “ That man dropped his gun. You know how to use those better than ours so take it before he has a chance. I am wearing bulletproof vest so don’t worry about me. You and Katlyn hide behind the cargo and shoot from there, like a makeshift fort. I will stay in front. Neither of you are protected becase you lack the equipment. Don’t let them know you are here till I smile then fire. We must protect this boxcar. We are in the middle of nowhere and the enemy is focused on Fort Johnson. Kill these men, take control of the train, and all is well. “ The springfield fired faster than normal and the ammunition was skin piercing. No need for using a rod to reload  with the upgrades it had. Two of the men went down then came the other three. They jumped into the car and like he said he said he would, The Confederate boy smiled. Kellie and Katlyn shot like crazy. With only her pistol, Katlyn was in the most danger. All of the sudden the boy fell and said “ I’m dying. Take my weapon Kellie and hand it to Katlyn. Not Going To… Wounded as he was,   he got up and sang “ Shot down in a blaze of glory….” Close to stumbling, him and the train conductor fired at the same time. Both instantly  died. No time for tears and 2 men left, Katlyn and Kellie nonstop kept shooting. Due to lack of ammunition and bad weapons, both girls  fired gunshot after gunshot. One man fell down leaving it 2 to one. However, the final enemy in the train came to them, laid down his weapon and said “ I have a deal.” Before he could explain it he broke out and started to rape Katlyn and tied Kellie up.. “ You can’t stop me!” the thug said. 

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