Friday, October 28, 2016

crime with a babyish punishment

As they arrived, Evan and Katie warned everyone saying “ The whole town that is able to  fight for their lives, including children and women who are able to, must all come to Fort  Jameson and defend. We will help them get themselves and any needed provisions such as food and weapons braught with them. The fort is low on arms and reasources so each man, woman, and child must bring whatever they can to fight. Those who can’t fight will be protected in a hidden part of the most inner part of the fort. They already took out a minor small fort 3 hours away so we have very little time to prepare for a major attack. “ said Katie. Instantly everyone was doing everything they could to evacuate and keep the enemy from gaining anything that could be used against them. Many of the families had guns that had been in their family for ages and knew by heart how to use them over newer types, and with no time to train, these families braught what they knew how to use. Food and extra bedding was driven in by the masses from the Y-Mart owner. The townsfolk agreed to bomb everything in their town. One hour latter, all the townsfolk and those already in the fort were at their positions. “ Is everybody  ready for a life or death battle? These people all want us dead. They totaled a unprepared smaller base 3 hours away and set it on fire because it was too small to be of any use. All the people got killed! Thus we are all here today. We must fight like the Warriors each of us are, and win. There will not be any lives lost for no reason, and we will not be a sacrifice!” Said General Jackson. Just then, the dark side started their assault. At least 250,000 wicked ones were attacking outside, including 200 fire cannons, 700 tanks, and 20 fresh from the factory airplanes. Right on the roof of the fort 100,000 snipers were waiting to fire at the planes from long distance…” Kill Kill! You can do this! Cried Katie. It took 24 hours of planes catching on fire, bombs going off, 5,000 people of all ages, many were townsfolk, including children shot dead to the ground or hit by fire bombs. Millions of gunshots and poisoned fire arrows were shot down at the enemy, as body after body ether blew up or fell down dead covered in blood.  Fort Jameson had been hit in 5 different areas, but somehow the fort was held, thanks to the patriotic citizens and the dropping of many explosives that killed half of the enemy, the other half were killed by those fighting to protect the fort. Blood was everywhere. Some people’s heads had been shot off, while others bodies had been burnt to a crisp.  At the end of the day the remaining 2,000 assailants surrendered and were taken prisoners of war. “ What should we do about the POWs Katie? They are all down in those crowded cells, and they best be interrogated as soon as possible. Should we start tonight?” asked General Jackson. “ Yes. Let’s start the interrogation process. It should be easy to know who to kill and who to talk to. Their attitudes show their loyalty. Anybody who shows any sign of remorse will be questioned further but from what I saw that seemed few.” Katie responded. So off they went, dealing with the POW’s. There were 3 who came out and were willing to talk. All of these were put through a truth detector but only one was telling truth in what she said. It was a 12 year old girl named Kaylee. “I’m really sorry! I had no clue what I was getting into. These people, all of them have been brainwashed except me. They were torturing me just to accept that I was no longer myself. I did not accept dominance of those I did not like. I was told I would get everything under the sun if I joined the dark side, but never told that I would have to give myself up. So they flogged me, beat me, sexually abused me, and forced me to fight  ever want to see these people again! Just trust m eand let me help you. I know much information you would be interested in. She sobbed. Forgive me!! She cried.” After a few minutes of thinking Katie said: “  I will save you. I believe you are truthful and here you will never have to give up what they were not able to make you give up. “ said Katie. With no words to express her emotion, Kaylee gave Katie a big hug. “ Time for you to get dressed out of these nasty rags and be given proper food, then a bath. You need to be clean. After a nice meal and you cleaning yourself uup, I want to talk to you. “ said Katie.. “ Ok Katie! Will do!” then off to the shower she went, with a clean dress made with protective silk from a secret garden nobody knew the location of. In her pocket she had a tracking device on her breast assigned to contact the enemy while she was still on the dark side.. When she remembered it she instantly called out Katie. “ What do you need?” Katie responded. There’s a dad gum tracking device on me that I am not able to remove along with everyone else here. Remove it from my body please. And if you have not killed them yet, kill every prisoner right now. Be ready for a second hit. I know exactly what is coming so just listen to me but first remove this tracker from my breast. It is a danger to everyone! Have you killed the enemy yet” Thank God we have !  And right now we need to remove that from your body. Be careful and don’t scream, but first, is the tracker in range of the enemy? “ yes. . But it will take a few days for them to arrive. Be ready for their worst. Call in strong amounts of reinforcements. “ Kaylee said, as the tracker was removed from her chest. “ Now have whatever you can bring come to our help. I can give you a accurate description

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