Friday, October 28, 2016

Crime with a babyish punishment

once again set up office in a private room and was helping make future plans. She had also been training Evan how to fight properly, both the modern way and the Spartan way. She also gave him the power to fly with her. Thus was her way of trying to make a amle counterpart out of a ordinary human. Katie was Back in North Carolina, everything was at peace for the time being. The Dark side’s attacking troops had been completely wiped out and nobody was able to let anybody outside of town know what was going on unless they drove to the nearest enemy base which was 7 hours away. So the good side was giving the dated Fort Bragg a much needed renovation and had been reinforcing it so they could hold the fort and control North Carolina. Katie had making Evan, by his own will to become a fairy like her so she would have a male counterpart. “ I never thought I would ever be able to do this, Katie! Thank you for this training. It’s so different than my old self. I have become a fairy like you. I am learning  to be a victorious fighter also. But why?” then Katie responded saying “ I always wanted another of my dying race. I was the only one left. I was given th permission by God to make you become a fairy warrior just like I am. It gets very lonely being the last remaining. When I met you I knew you were the right person. After we win this war I want to become your wife. But for now, we must fight for freedom and victory. Oh yes, I love you.” “ I love you too Katie.” Then Evan kissed Katie on the lips. Once that was over and they finished fighting practice, it was time for dinner. Everyone gathered up at the table to eat. The dinner was large. There was Authentic Carolina style BBQ  , crispy Tatter Tots, and Slaw. Some people put their BBQ on buns while others ate it straight off the plate. All around it was the best BBQ they all had ever tasted. For drinks most of them had ether Coke, Sprite, Water, or Alcohol.  With a feeling of victory, and a little too much yo drink, Katie raised her bottle of Dos Equis and yelled “A Toast for victory!!!” Everyone roared and clinked their glasses. Everyone was having a good time, when all of the sudden Katie and Evan were summoned to the intelligence room by a man in black. “ Urgant news. Come with us now but don’t get noticed. We need your help now! In the intel room filled with all it’s computers and equipment, the head of Fort Bragg’s intel branch, Sir Greene, said “ A message has been intercepted from the Enemy that reads they will be making a strike on the less guarded Fort Jameson, 2 hours from here in Kriston. Your job is to alert the inhabitants of the surrounding town to be up in  arms to guard the fort. The described forces are 25,000 soilders , 2 tanks, and 3 planes. Our air force is horrible but 6 of our 15 pilots are preparing to fire at enemy planes. “ ok sir! We understand.” 

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