Wednesday, July 19, 2017

they go deeper...

the invisable scars,

sink further into my skin,

as a dream Of the end,

No matter how much I try,

The voices come back to my mind,

" kill yourself!",

they yell,

but no matter how much I want to comply,

I keep on living for Jesus,

no matter how much I want to bleed.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks . At the time this was created I had suicide going off and on in my mind

    2. If you ever need prayer or encouragement, I am here, and I'll always try to help.

    3. Agreed, Evan! I am always here as well. God bless, kiddo!

    4. Uh, almost fifteen, why?

    5. Since you calmed me kiddo I thought that meant you were a bit older than me by a few years . I was wrong . Its ok.

  2. Evan, you are stronger than I have ever been, because you've faced down trials and struggles I've never had. And you are living as a witness for Jesus, which is awesome! Keep being strong in Jesus, Evan, I know He loves you :)