Thursday, July 27, 2017

If I died...

If I died,

Would anyone care?

If  I pushed that blade,

Straight into my heart,

or tied a rope to my head,

Would anybody be not happy that i left?

If went to the tracks,

just waited on that train,

that could be my fate,

would anybody have any regrets?

I know I must keep fighting,

but sometimes I wonder,

Would anyone even care If I was gone?


  1. I would care, Evan. Please don't hurt yourself, God made you and he loves you, don't destroy or harm yourself, you are perfectly and wonderfully made.

  2. Life isn't easy but you are stonger than an easy way out of life.

    1. ya. After 15+ years it's something you accept but still have to deal with. It gets better in time...