Sunday, November 13, 2016

When you hit rock bottom..

When you hit rock bottom,

And have nowhere to go,

When your life is hanging,

On a rope,

Turn to Jesus  the one who saves,

And let him show you the way.

- poetry.

*I don't know about y'all but sometimes I can get sick of myself. I wish I turned to Jesus first more often. Us Christians should try better to turn to our master instead of using him as a last resort. He's prevented me from killing myself before and given me strength to carry on.


  1. Replies
    1. hey.. have you ever felt at times that praying to God does nothing ? Recantly i've felt like that... sometimes I ask myself If I am a true Christian... I believe so but I still feel like sometimes i'm not good enough or that I ain't a Christian or something. I am but sometimes I feel like i ain't. sometimes I feel like prayer does not do anything and when I start thinking like that it upsets me and I am assking God why do I feel this way make this stop what's going on.