Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Of God and Government

So.. As nobody expected, Trump won the election and is to be our president starting January.
Some people are very mad about this but I want to share my opinions. Well, I was a Trump supporter and when Trump won I got backlash and nobody liked me cause I voted Trump. As a American and a Christian how are we to react? Firstly, God is the dude who is the final word and is the one who ultimately decides who gets the most votes and which canidates win the most states and/or get the most electorials. Thus said, as Christians, we must understand God created us all and he created Americans and he was the one who allowed one of our parties to win the presidency. He made people with free will and the ability to make their own decisons. So the political choices people made were ones God predestined  for them to vote. He knew that Trump would win. He knew who every election would end and who would lead America and knows which ones will happen in the future and who will win. God used our votes to have a leader set up for 4 years min. So we can be mad all we want but God wanted Trump in power and he used us Americans to set up those he destined to lead America. Romans 13.

* I felt inclined to write this. I rarely do political posts but this is a exception because I thought someone needed to speak out.


  1. Thanks for that reminder, Evan. Very timely.

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