Thursday, September 15, 2016

History's thoughts: The similarity between the Confederate Flag and the American Flag and both nations ( Before the Confederacy fell.)

Well, I've been thinking today how I have a Confederate Flag quilt on my bed and a American flag hanging on my wall right on top of my bed. It got me thinking: is there any similarities  between the Confederate Flag , The American Flag, and their history? Here's what I cme up with after much thinking. First of all, the Confederate flag and American Flag represent freedom. As crazy as it sounds, it is true. The South wanted freedom from the North because they thought the North was being unfair to the South, and the original colonies that made up the  original America also faught for indpenfance, but they were wanting Independence from British rule. Both nations gained their indpendence, the Confederacy and the United States of America. Yes, the Confederacy only lasted for a few years but it gained Independence even though not for long. We all know it fell after the Civil War. Both the American Flag and Confederate Flag the men that faught under each , they were all patriots. And to be honest, I think eventually  there will be a American Civil War II in the future. I don't konw if it will be in my life time or not. but there just might be one. This time however, it will NOT have slavery involved as a issue. If it happens, all races and minorities who are willing to fight to defend their freedom will be welcomed to join. Our government is becoming more and more corrupt and that corruptness is what might lead to a Civil War II. God bless America and may America not become so corrupt that it is dangerous everywhere.

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