Friday, August 12, 2016

The Slaying of Princess Pain

Thoughts run through my mind,

I feel like I can fly,

The same way pain does ,

When it runs through my veins,

I wake up from this happy dream,

Where I can actually be me,

To find nothing but princess pain,

Who slays boys with self hate,

Tells them they are to be shamed,

I must do what needs be,

Put on my armor and hold my sword,

Go to war with the danged whore who slays,

Princess pain.

Her army of emotions must be destroyed ,

The battle wages on and there she is,

In her blood stained dress,

The sociopathic bitch.

She says to me " give up you worthless dick!" ,

I say back " I'm sick of your bitching and rule in my lfie.",
She offers a knife saying " die.",

I feel her power but do not stir,

Having enough I thrust my sword into her lung.

The deed is done,

The war is won.

Priciness pain is replaced by her sister,

Princes Joy,

Who with God's blessing rules the land with hope,

And peace and love.

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