Thursday, August 11, 2016


Everything seemed so normal,

Like every other day,

He went to school and acted like he was ok,

What else  could he say?

So it all was hidden away,

Yet the crazy boy could not escape the pain.

Sticks and stones left cut arms,

And what they did left him enraged,

The wound that was in his heart worsened,

But  nobody knew,

As everything was bad it turned worse,

his best friend was found dead after a drunken wreck.

he stared at her body and felt her pain.

Still nobody knew.

It was too much, so he  looked at the schedule from trains.

11 P.m., he laid on the railroad ties and waited,

11:10 came and so did the train.

The Amtrack ran over him,

And his life was over,

He was happy with Jesus and his girl.

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