Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fighting the Fight.......

    School is getting better it is true. But in a way I feel more lonely than ever. Sometimes I feel like other students are using me and I still believe somebody's after me,
I am starting to make allies however 

                                                       school is like the Cold War. 
                                                        The Picture above is one showing a battle at WWII.

This cold war I live in continues. Some have allies to fight with, while others are forced to survive on their own. The war ends for a girl or boy stuck in it when they graduate from high school and move on to go to college or just  go out to find a job. My war time in this place will end in 2018. Till then, it is survival of the fittist, one man agianst another,, boy agianst girl, girl agianst boy. They will have wins and loses, but overall, they will eventually have their war time ended. I have few friends. Some of them know a lot about me and if the enemy convinces them to go agianst me I am overall in great peril. Each army can send spies against each other.  you have to be strong at heart to get out alive. the greatest weapon they can use agianst you is getting your very depressed after criticizing your weaknesses. So to all of these students out there fighting vallantly agianst the enemy, I am proud at. you. God bless the USA. 

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