Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

         Last time we left our heroes, Amanda The Spy had learned the plans of Gen. Badbreast and with 10 archergirls and 10 swordsboys she attacked and killed all except Miss Jessica who and Tanya was sent with a troop of 1,000 to destroy the leaderless enemy camp. Tanya had given all command to Amanda The Spy
while she conviced Miss jessica to leave the dark forces of the Blak Shore Witches and gave her a drink that changed what she thought about the rebels and super Girl. also we talked about the destruction of the nemy camp.
         Jessica met Super Girl for the first time and after questioning, she was given the job to rescue the kids in Wet Island that waited rescue. Then Tanya and Jessica and 10 disgused troops went thrugh a tunnel that went from Fort Babyish to a mansion at Wet Island where 75 kids who wanted help were trapped. they were supposed to enter the mansion at midnight and get each kid waiting on them out of the house. So at 12:15 A.M. , Tanya, Jessica and their small army broke into the building and carried out one by one the kids. With one kid left to go, and Jessica, nine of the ten soilders, and 74 kids waiting on her, Tanya and her person bodyguard and good friend Lilly were about to break into the last room, when the hallway guards saw them and and walked up to both of them, and before these infamous girls could make it away, 5 more security was called in and the girls were outnumbered. swords clashed and gunshots rang, and after a 15 minute struggle, Tanya and Lilly had killed their enemies, but not without any pain.  Lilly was cut in the arm and had to bandaged at the spot. By now the kid they were trying to rescue was up and ready to go. This kid, who's name was Danielle, knew the art of medicine and had Lilly's wound cleaned and bandaged. then she advised that a streacher be made for Lilly. a makeshift  streacher  was made and lilly was carried through the tunnel by Dannielle and Tanya. They Finaly got back to Fort Babyish and even though the best medical care was given to her, two days latter Lilly died due to her wounds. Tanya was devistated on what happened to her friend, but after a few days of moruning, she moved on, just like she always did when she lost a good friend.

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