Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

            Last time we left our heroes they had escaped a attack by the nannies and the comander of the assuaalt joined the good side and left the black shore witches for good and has become a spy for the good side. well this newly appointed spy was sent undercover with 10 archergirls and 10 swordboys to scout out the size of General Badbreast's army. Armed with a concealed handgun, a short sword, and a map of the area, this new spy had her swordboys hide in a underground part of the council room  in General Badbreast's camp, and the archers up behind a massive chimney where they would be able to open fire if need be, and the spy herself had two swordboys with her in case. The lead archer, Lt. Samantha was told not to shoot until she heard a flare go off. this new spy, formaly Miss Amanda knew Badbreast's camp by heart and knew just where the council meetings were held.
            General Badbreast herself was not even at the camp, she was getting Wet Island ready for attack by lying to the regressed in body kids about Super Girl, Eliza, and all the rebel's character. those millions  who believed the lies were ready to guard the city, but still there were those who hated Badbreast and believed they would be saved by Super Girl and her rebels. Wet Island was well guarded, it's gates were well built and the soilders were many, so it would take a lot for the whole island to be destroyed.
             Well, as Amanda The spy was on her way to the council hall where her 10 swordboys were hidden, she thought of the dangers she faced, but never turned back. Finally in the council hall she went in without any suspicion by the guards because of her disguise. Five minutes latter, here's what she heard from evil Col.  Jessica and Sgt. Carolina . Carolina: I have sent a army of 140 out of our camp, they will slaughter those rebels. Jessica: make sure they capture Tanya so we can take her alive and concert her. Carolina: Damn Right They will!!! By now Amanda had heard enough, so she went set off a flare and out poured the swordboys, ready for battle, and as Col. Jessica had 100 soilders come out to attack, the archers came out and their poison arrows killed the enemy as fast as new soilders came out. Meanwhile, Col. Jessica and Sgt. Carolina along with the three other unamed council members were attacked by the swordsboys. Soon afterwords, after leading the swordsboys, Amanda The Spy sent Super Girl for more soilders along with the warning of the 140 soilders. as soon as she heard the call Super Girl , who knew when the council members were dead, the warriors would have no leader and the camp could be destroyed, so Gen. Tanya, Col. Lilly, and 1,000 others were sent to fight and destroy the camp of 5,000. Tanya and her troops arivied just in time, for though the council members were all dead  except for Col. Jessica who was tied up and held captive by the 7 swordsboys still alive, there were 4,890 not dead.  by the time Tanya's troops were at the camp 3 swordsboys and 2 archers had been killed.
         Meanwhile Jessica was being questioned by Gen. Tanya. Heres what the conversation was like. Tanya: We demand you tell us where Badbreast is. Jessica: I can't tell you that. Tanya: Tell Us then how big her army in the main city is. Jessica: I was assigned here and have no clue how many are assigned there but i guess a coupe million. Tanya: Are you even ashamed of  what you are doing? You Yourself have to be about my age. You are a good and faithful solider, if you tell us at least what part of Wet Island is that place where dangerous bombs and explosives are being produced you still might have a chance. Jessica: here's a map of Wet Island that was given to the now dead Carolina. Tanya: here, take this drug and you will not be killed.
Jessica: Ok.
       Minutes latter Jessica was asking how she could not wait to kill Miss Badbreast, who was responsible for the death of her younger sister, Janet. About this time Amanda The Spy had convinced Super Girl to have her sister who refused to fight her saved. Super Girl agreed and just then a bomber boy annonced to the 750 rebels still alive along with Gen. Tanya, Col. Lilly, and the 2 converted POW to get out of the camp, for he had placed a bomb that would blow up anyone who remained in the camp. With that all the rebels fled. Moments latter the whole camp exploded in flames, and became a giant bonfire.

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