Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crime With A Babysh Punishment

   When we last left off our heroines they were all ready for battle  and the Society of Nannies was holding a meeting at Drunken Poison Tavern about how to defeat Super Girl and Tanya's army of revolting babies. They knew Super Girl had more power than they could ever have in their lives and that they should do something , anything, to stop the revolt, and sent a spy to Fort Babyish. Well, about this time Eliza , who was long thought to be dead, arrived at Fort Babyish with intentions to aid Super Girl . So as it stood, Eliza arrived at Fort Babyish to aid Super Girl and Tanya the same time Miss Jessie arrived.
    Eliza had always been better at fighting than Super Girl, so her help was well wanted indeed. the gate keeper of Fort Babyish asked the two their names, and after Eliza said she was Super Girl's sister and could blow him up if he did not let her in, the gatekeeper took a picture of Eliza and attached it to a text message to Super Girl saying " this your sister " , and the return message from Super Girl was " yes!!! let her in now! , but not the other. the other one is a spy, tell Eliza to kill the spy. " The guard came and told Eliza what Super Girl requested before she entered. When Eliza herd the word " evil spy " that was enough. A lightning bolt flew from her arm and caught the spy on fire and with a voice like thunder she yelled, " The Tribe Of Gilgan Lives!!!! Down With the Black Sands Witches. Eliza's thundery voice shook all of Wet Island except Fort Babyish so hard it was like a earthquake. The nannies heard this hated voice from far away and knew their only chance was to get Eliza to give info on what Super Girl was to do. The main problem was that Eliza had a hard hate for the Black Witches and knew that the Nannies were just renamed versions of The Black Island Witches, and that their deciet was big and dangerous, so the only way to get Eiza to say anything was by force, so at that moment 7 of the evil nannies jumped out and tied Eliza up. Super Girl saw all of this and had five of her troops open fire on the nannies. Five of the nannies fell to the ground like dominos , but two were able to survive and drag Eliza away to be questioned.


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