Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment.

   When we last left our heroine, Tanya and Super Girl had gathered up most of Wet Island's babies to revolt, and the war was soon to start. While all this preparing was happening at Fort Babyish , the council of nannies was getting a plan ready that would hopefully be able to stop Tanya and Super Girl from destroying the master plan of the wet island project. As the head nanny, Miss Badbreast, told the council of nannies a prophecy of years gone by that a girl with inhuman powers beyond their ability would arise from the house of Gilgan , which was a ancient race of men and women who had superpowers that were hard to conquer. Years before the house of Gilgan had been overthrown by the witches of the neighboring island , Black Shores, a Island that had eroded by water. the Society of the Nannies were the descendants of that witch tribe from Black Shores, and were very powerful in spells. As powerful as they were, They knew they never would be as powerful as super girl. Why?? Cause Super Girl's parents were a exiled witch from Black island ( the adventures of Super Girl's mother would have to be saved for another novel ) , and Super Girl's Father was one of the inhumans from the house of Gilgan. since Super Girl had White Witch  blood and Gilgan blood, leaving her with inhuman strength and a sage's potion wisdom. Though Tanya did not know it, she was the great great granddaughter of Super Girl's sister , Eliza. Miss Badbreast continued on by saying how the prophecy said that the great great granddaughter of Eliza would come out about the time Super Girl returned. A hour's more worth thinking and a plan was made. Not much is known of their conversation inside the Drunken Poison Tavern. All I know is what I heard. well, one of the nannies , Miss Jessie , was to be sent as a spy to Fort Babyish in the form of a 2 year old. The spy was sent out, and the nannies spent the rest of the night dancing , drinking , and gambling.    

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