Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

   When we last left our heroines, Super Girl saw her sister, Eliza, for the first time in years, just to see her being dragged away by the evil nannies lead by Miss Badbreast.  As for Tanya, none of this was revealed. Well anyway, as Eliza was being dragged away by her enemies , she was deciding what to say. When Eliza finaly got to the councel of nannies, miss badbreast was gone, knowing her power. Secretly, Super Girl sent two invisible baby recruits with Eliza in case things got ugly. Eliza was brought before the Concil Of Nannies where her fate could be given. Miss Jenny told Eliza that she was to be diapered immedatly then questioned. Eliza knew that the diaper could make her become weak as a baby and as much strengh as she had, it would take a very bulky and powdery diaper to remove all her strengh. Five minutes latter she was brought before the nannies in a size 8 underjam. The nannies had not much baby powder left so only a little bit was on Eliza. It was not the diaper that would make her weak, it was the baby powder. Luckly they had not put much baby powder in the diaper so not all of Eliza's stengh was gone. Miss Danielle asked Eliza what Super Girl was up to, and then said that if she did not answer she would be put into a bigger and very powdered diaper. Eliza's response was " I never will tell tou and will die if need be before letting you know my sister's plans and whereabouts! " Thats enough " said Miss Danielle, take her away girls! But before Eliza was rediapered into a more powdered diaper, two of Super Girl's soilders jumped out and threw ashes in the nannies eyes.

     Just then, Eliza gained her strengh and struck the nannies' hangout and all it's inhabitants with a lightning bolt , making them all burn in flames. With only safty on their minds, Eliza and the two soliders started to run, but Eliza stipped just in time to remove the baby powdered diaper and slide on a unpowdered underjam that would not take away her strengh. Eliza in general was born with the power of a inhuman warrior but at the same time had since she was three years old she had been in diapers due to a curse made by one of the black witches of old. The curse was that Eliza wouls spend her life in diapers. So in general Eliza relyed on diapers and could not go without them. The main thing was that if she wore a diaper that had baby powder on it she would lose all her superpowers. So this is why she grabbed a bag of underjams on the way out, she had just wet her diaper. After Eliza grabed the bag of 32 underjams for girls off she went with all but one of the soilders. ( one of the soilders Super Girl told to stay watch as a spy. )

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