Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment.

    When we last left our heroines, Eliza had been dragged off by the nannies, just to escape after blowing them all up. Super Girl and Tanya had been working on battle strategies, along with training the recruits how to battle the nannies. Well, soon after all this, Eliza and one of the soldiers came  back to Fort Babyish and reported all to Super Girl and Tanya. The first thing Super Girl remembered about her sister was the fact she was cursed with a need for diapers 24/7. So in general, a few minutes before Eliza came back she sent three soldiers to the Baby Mart for some Underjams for Eliza. Super Girl knew also that the only kind of diapers Eliza would wear were underjams for girls so she toldthe soldiers    specifically to confiscate as many bags of girls Underjams as possible, along with needed food and blankets, and even a new bedset. She also asked for the sent solders to buy some wipes. While all these things were happening, Fort Babyish was happy with cheer as Tanya and her friend Lilly served breakfast and told tales to the other girls and boys. All in fort Babyish had the feeling of hope and eagerness to revolt. Fort Babyish was their last hope of freedom from the nannies.
      Meanwhile, outside Fort Babyish things were not so good. The soldiers sent out for raiding the Baby Mart came back successful but in great distress. " Super Girl! Eliza! Tanya! We have bad news! Miss Breastbeat has gathered all of the nannies up for council and All the kinds who are on he nannies side will be there! What shall we do? " Eliza then said " go get Col. Julie and supply her with three armed soilders and five spys, and make them go and see what the heck is going on. " Then soon after Col.Julie and her men went to the meeting place end took note of all the speakers. Jullie and her given troops were horrified at what they heard. Certain kids were actualy to go into Fort Babyish and get Eliza and Super Girl killed!!! The kids who would do that were at the meeting so Jullie's head spy, Billie, took down notes on the names of the enemy spies and what they looked like.
      At the basement of a burnt down home, while all this was happening, was the head nanny, Miss Badbreast, making a deal with Super Girl's brother who had long ago turned to the side of the Black Shore Witches/Evil Nannies. Sir Richard, Super Girl's brother  was beng paid to be a traitor to Super Girl.  This brother had long ago turned against his native tribe, and became the favorite of Miss Badbreast. So these plans were being made, and all the while one of Jullie's spies was listening in to the conversation between Miss Badbreast and Sir Richard. After the conversation ended and the two evils were out of the appartment, The spy searched Miss Badbreast's appartment, and she found multiple things that would be of help, including a weapon from the Tribe of Gillian that could be used to burn up everyone in sight and cause mass murders. The spy then continued searching the room, and she found a list of potions that were explosive, a manuel of how to make the Firebeam Weapon she had found, plans for a bomb that could blow up the whole island, and much more helpful tools that Super Girl could use. There were too many things to gather up, so she made plans to blow the whole place up. After drinking a bottle of Super Girl's invisible potion, the spy continued to a differant room, a room that looked like it was once some kind of kitchen, where she found all sorts of potions. This kitchen was filled with all sorts of powerful chemicals that could blow up may a mile of land. At this point the spy was thinking like " I should get the heck outta here fast, and stop all opperations by blowing up this whole lab building. So, since the spy had some knowlage of potions, she made a mixture that could blow up the whole building ending all opperations in this lab. Before she did this, however, she grabbed a list of all the labs that were being in use for the Black Witch operations. With the list and the weapons in her pack, the spy poured the explosive Potion into the fireplace. The potion would only activate after it had been in fire for three minutes, so, withc these few minutes to go, the spy took off and speedily left the building. 
      She was almost to the door when Miss Badbreast " smelled her breath " and came running to the scene. Cosidering the spy was invisable, she was hard to find, and Miss Badbreast was not able to find her. Badbreast could stand almost any tempeture and she would not have died in the smoke, 
But she was mad as blue blazes at this spy for blowing up her lab and armory, destroying so many hard worked on weapons. As hard as Miss Badbreast tried, she could not stop the spy, and as soon as the spy got back to Jullie and her troops, they went to report to Super Girl their finds.

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